Sunday, June 26, 2016

For Andrew, On His 11th Birthday

To my dear, sweet, brave, kind, beautiful boy on his 11th birthday - I love you more than I could ever say - words are never enough.

A Note To Andrew (An Ode To Jack)

Sometimes I look for traits in you
Of a great big dog you never knew.......
A dog that loved me all his days
And understood in special ways.
But that's not fair to you, Andrew;
You're not a substitute; but yourself!
You've eased the loss, soothed the pain
And tugged my laughter home again.
Yet, "Puppy", at times I almost start
When your eyes recall him to my heart
You'll never lack for love, it's clear
Because of him, you're twice as dear....

Saturday, June 18, 2016

For Ulysse and Jos.

A Newfound Prayer
(Patti Smith)

Child with heart so raven wild
I have known you well
I have guarded you in sleep
and with the morning bell
we would tramp the blessed field
ramble through the pine
all my loyalty was yours
all your joys were mine

We would camp upon the bank
to watch the sails that sped
I would offer you my back
to rest your dreaming head
all of our adventures
in existence but a sigh
moccasins as silent
as arrows in the sky

In nature is a song
that from the spirit flows
from the wild I came
to the wild I will go
and grant I meet you there
when time will turn to air
to shepherd you in heaven
this is my newfound prayer.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Super Gia takes 1st Place in Open Bitch at the Yosemite Kennel Club show in Vallejo.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Paige & Gia

Great news: Both Gia and Paige have OFA scores in: hips excellent and elbows normal.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Satchie - Happy Birthday In Heaven

Happy Birthday in Heaven

"I wish you were here today
even for just a little while
so I could say Happy Birthday 'Satchie'
and see your beautiful smile.

The only gifts today will be
the gifts you left behind;
The laughter, joy and happiness...
precious memories...the best kind.

Today I'll do my very best
to try and find a happy place...
struggling to hide my heavy heart
and the tears on my face.

I'll sit quietly and look at your picture
thinking of you with love;
hoping you're doing ok
in Heaven up above.

May the angels hold you close and
sing you a happy song...
and I'll be sending wishes to you
today and all year long."