Friday, April 24, 2015

Wine Country Pet Resort - Phyllis Colgan and Alan Parker: Fraud and Abuse of Animals

From one of several reviews on Google:

A Google User
6 years ago-
"Our dog was traumatized by her stay here. She was returned to us sopping wet, with feces on her, obviously drugged, and they could not FIND HER BED. It turns out she ate her bed - but apparently no one was around to figure out this had happened. In discussion with the owner, she blamed the BREED of my dog - a border collie - she breeds newfoundlands... A lot of dogs are nervous in a new environment - her excuse speaks volumes about how she cares for animals - NOT. Do NOT go there - not good for your dog."

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wine Country Pet Resort - More Fraud By Newfie Killers Phyllis Colgan and Alan Parker

More reviews from on the biggest scammers and Newfie killers in the world.
Alan Parker and Phyllis Colgan should be in jail for such massive consumer fraud and dog abuse.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

WIne Country Pet Resort: Additional Evidence of Fraud Commonly Perpetrated By Phyllis Colgan & Alan Parker

Phyllis Colgan-Parker and Alan Parker/Wine Country Pet Resort:

Here is some additional evidence of the years of continuing fraud by the sociopaths Alan Parker and Phyllis Colgan Parker, aka Phyllis Colgan, aka Phyllis Parker.
From the "hidden" reviews link on the Yelp website; this customer booked her dog into the "luxury suites" at twice the normal rate, came to pick up her dog early, and the game was on. Phyllis Colgan-Parker could not even find her dog and it certainly wasn't in the "luxury" suites that she had paid for. It was in a basic kennel. They had even taken her dog's bed and were using it with another dog. And the dog showed signs of abuse. Hopefully, the Napa County District Attorney will file consumer fraud charges against Parker and Colgan.