Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gizzy - The Missing Pictures, Part Two

Just when you thought it could not get any more precious, we have decided to bring you more of the missing Gizzy-Danko puppy pictures, even some from the wee age of two weeks. It's all just too much for words so we'll let the pictures do the talking.

"Fetch", the magazine, tried to beat us to the punch. I just have to laugh and to remember never to Fetch - well, maybe my food. Enjoy the pictures!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gizmo - The Missing Puppy Pictures

At long last, the rights to the long-missing Gizzy puppy-pictures has resulted with a verdict in our favor. We beat back the attempts of such publications as "Dog Fancy", "Fetch" (my least favorite), and other Pooparazzi to have at these incredible photos. For right now, we're only disclosing a few of them while The Giz's parents revel in their hard-fought legal battle. We hope you enjoy these wonderful pictures of Baby Giz and his brother Danko.


Le Scoldy, Esquire

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Funny Friend And Me

"My Funny Friend And Me"

In the quiet time of evening
When the stars assume their patterns
And the day has made his journey
And we wondered just what happened

To the life we knew before the world changed
When not a thing I held was true
But you were kind to me, and you reminded me
That the world is not my playground
There are other things that matter
And when a simple needs protecting
My illusions all would shatter

But you stayed in my corner
The only world I know was upside down
And now the world and me, I know you carry me

You see the patterns in the big sky
Those constellations look like you and I
Just like the patterns in the big sky
We could be lost we could refuse to try
But we made it through in the dark night
Would those lucky guys turn out to be
But that unusual blend of my funny friend and me

I'm not as clever as I thought I was
I'm not the boy I used to be because
You showed me something different,
You showed me something pure
I always seemed so certain but I was really never sure
But you stayed and you called my name
When others would have walked out on a lousy game
And you could've made it through
But your funny friend and me

You see the patterns in the big sky
Those constellations look like you and I
That tiny planet in a bigger guy
I don't know whether I should laugh or cry

Just like the patterns in the big sky
We'll be together till the end is nigh
Don't know the answer or the reason why
We'll stick together till the day we die
If I had to do this all a second time
I won't complain or make a fuss
When the angels sing that that unlikely blend
Are those two funny friends
That's us

Monday, February 16, 2009

Joy -- A Lesson From Puppies

Just when you think you know a little something, you get whacked with an ounce or so of humility, sometimes in the form of joy. And that's what Andrew and I got today; a reminder of the joy life brings. You see, we were at a dog show this weekend and started thinking about winning being the important thing. Then, just before our ring times today, the Newfie puppies were in the ring -- three young lads just having fun. They were kind of geeky and one was off balance a bit. But what each of them demonstrated to us was the joy of just being there. And therein was the lesson. I must remember everyday to understand how lucky I am to have Puppy as my mate. He makes me whole, he keeps me grounded, he understands (like the puppies today) that joy comes simply in the attempt to fulfill our potential, whether successfully or not. It is present qualitively in anyone's act, no matter how inconspicuous, which is done as an honest and responbile expression of his own powers. Today three puppies reminded us of what is joy.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


( - February 15th, 2009)

"The dogs which take their name from the island of Newfoundland appeal to all lovers of animals. There are now two established varieties, the black and the white and black. There are also bronze-coloured dogs, but they are rare. The black variety of the Newfoundland is essentially black in colour; but this does not mean that there may be no other colour, for most black Newfoundlands have some white marks. In fact, a white marking on the chest is said to be typical of the true breed. Any white on the head or body would place the dog in the other than black variety. The black colour should preferably be of a dull jet appearance which approximates to brown. In the other than black class, there may be black and tan, bronze, and white and black. The latter predominates, and in this colour, beauty of marking is very important. The head should be black with a white muzzle and blaze, and the body and legs should be white with large patches of black on the saddle and quarters, with possibly other small black spots on the body and legs.

"Apart from colour, the varieties should conform to the same standard. The head should be broad and massive, but in no sense heavy in appearance. The muzzle should be short, square, and clean cut, eyes rather wide apart, deep set, dark and small, not showing any haw; ears small, with close side carriage, covered with fine short hair (there should be no fringe to the ears), expression full of intelligence, dignity, and kindness.

"The body should be long, square, and massive, loins strong and well filled; chest deep and broad; legs quite straight, somewhat short in proportion to the length of the body, and powerful, with round bone well covered with muscle; feet large, round, and close. The tail should be only long enough to reach just below the hocks, free from kink, and never curled over the back. The quality of the coat is very important; the coat should be very dense, with plenty of undercoat; the outer coat somewhat harsh and quite straight.

"The appearance generally should indicate a dog of great strength, and very active for his build and size, moving freely with the body swung loosely between the legs, which gives a slight roll in gait. As regards size, the Newfoundland Club standard gives 140 lbs. to 120 lbs. weight for a dog, and 110 lbs. to 120 lbs. for a bitch, with an average height at the shoulder of 27 inches and 25 inches respectively; but it is doubtful whether dogs in proper condition do conform to both requirements.

"When rearing puppies give them soft food, such as well-boiled rice and milk, as soon as they will lap, and, shortly afterwards, scraped lean meat. Newfoundland puppies require plenty of meat to induce proper growth. The puppies should increase in weight at the rate of 3 lbs. a week, and this necessitates plenty of flesh, bone and muscle-forming food, plenty of meat, both raw and cooked. Milk is also good, but it requires to be strengthened with casein. The secret of growing full-sized dogs with plenty of bone and substance is to get a good start from birth, good feeding, warm, dry quarters, and freedom for the puppies to move about and exercise themselves as they wish. Forced exercise may make them go wrong on their legs. Medicine should not be required except for worms, and the puppies should be physicked for these soon after they are weaned, and again when three or four months old, or before that if they are not thriving. If free from worms, Newfoundland puppies will be found quite hardy, and, under proper conditions of food and quarters, they are easy to rear."

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Okay, this started out very nicely -- the title, then decended into plonkerism.
Somebody needs to read the breed standard -- white on feet and tip of tail (yes, me) is a black dog. (Get him Gizzy!) And as for the "very active" part, well, I must again part company with the author. An "aristocrat" should certainly have the option of being something less than active; the choice I have made to such a degree that little more than a romp around the ring is expected of me. (See, "Satchie's Training Tips, Parts One and Two".) But I do enjoy a nice pummeling of Andrew from time to time, as you can see.

That's me all over -- Satchie

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fire Crews Tap Newfoundland For Rescue

Here's a story that makes Bilbo's plight all the more important to those he has and will continue to save as a lifeguard.

Merseyside Fire And Rescue Service Pilots New Lifesaver - A Newfoundland Dog Who Will Be Part Of The Marine Rescue Team

"Three-year-old Paddy will be used for rescues in water and wetland areas.

"The dogs, originally used by fishermen, have never been used professionally by an emergency service in the U.K., a fire service spokeswoman said.

"A second dog, a five-year-old called Murphy, will be used in schools as part of a water safety campaign. Les Moulsdale is a crew member with the team and owns three Newfoundland dogs.

"He said: 'Paddy is trained for actual rescue work because he is so switched on and so fast at what he does. We have worked with him since he was six months old and I always thought he would be a fantastic rescue dog on the river.'

"Mr. Moulsdale and wife Judith demonstrated just how adept Newfoundlands are during the World Firefighters Games when Paddy scooped a gold medal in the Iron Dog competition, rescuing a casualty from the Salthouse Dock."

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Help Keep Bilbo On The Beach

Over the past year, we've documented the efforts to help keep Bilbo as a lifeguard on Sennen Beach.
The efforts are still underway and your support is needed to keep this special Newife doing what Newfies do -- saving lives.
Andrew and I ask that you take a bit of time to read June Falconer's latest effort and watch her great video on Bilbo, a true hero who only wants to do that which comes naturally to him.

The British Parliament is to be petitioned in the battle to get Bilbo the life-saving beach dog reinstated as a working dog.

In 2008, this special Newfoundland was banned from patrolling the beach where his owner Steve Jamieson is an RNLI lifeguard.

Although the six-year-old is credited with saving at least three lives, Penwith District Council banned the animal from the beach at Sennen Cove, near Land's End, under bylaws over the summer period that apply to all dogs.

However, in June, council bosses relented and allowed him to go back to the beach twice a week for two hours a day to help promote beach safety with Mr. Jamieson.

Now Bilbo's supporters want him to be treated the same as other working dogs and have organised an online petition to present to Parliament next April. Working dogs include dogs for the blind, police dogs and fire investigation dogs.

Janeta Hevizi, who has written a book about Bilbo is behind the move.
She said: "Don't believe the excuses of why Bilbo can't be a working dog – he was one for three summers until 2008, so let's get him the status he deserves, since he works so hard still spreading the message about beach safety in addition to his weekly visits to schools. Bilbo deserves to be given prominence as a working dog and true beach safety asset.
Bilbo is the most docile and professional of dogs, and is totally relaxed around all people in both small and large numbers.
He's always alert to potential hazards that swimmers may face in unpredictable sea currents.
Bilbo's ability is precious and no gimmick. Bilbo has gone to the heart of the nation and in particular far West Cornwall."

Peter Dawes, RNLI head of lifeguards, said: "Bilbo's educational role in schools and twice a week on Sennen beach has complemented the RNLI's team of highly trained lifeguards who patrol Sennen beach throughout the summer season.
"Their comprehensive training includes first aid, radio and rescue skills and best prepares them to respond to someone in danger in the water. This season, they dealt with 134 incidents including a successful resuscitation."

Signatures can be collected and posted to Bilbo c/o The Old Success, Sennen Cove, Penzance, Cornwall, TR19 7DD.

All signatures must be collected by March 31, 2009, in plenty of time for Bilbo's trip to London in April.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

By June Falconer

This latest movie was made in a continuing effort to help keep Bilbo on the beach.
When you have watched the movie at the bottom of this page
Please sign his petition at this link, it only takes a minute!



Would you then please forward this link on to your family and friends. We only have a month to help him.
The time for signing the Petition closes on the 8th March 09.
Thank you for your support and to those of you who have already signed. Hope you enjoy the movie!