Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gizmo - The Missing Puppy Pictures

At long last, the rights to the long-missing Gizzy puppy-pictures has resulted with a verdict in our favor. We beat back the attempts of such publications as "Dog Fancy", "Fetch" (my least favorite), and other Pooparazzi to have at these incredible photos. For right now, we're only disclosing a few of them while The Giz's parents revel in their hard-fought legal battle. We hope you enjoy these wonderful pictures of Baby Giz and his brother Danko.


Le Scoldy, Esquire


Gizmosav said...

Hey Satchie,
Thats too cool! Thanks for posting moi and my bro "Danko"...thanks to Danko's mom we finally got some puppy pics!!!
Your the best!!

Randi said...

OhMyDog...those are the CUTEST pics EVER! Of course, right on par with Satchie&Andrew baby pic of course!

Love & Licks,

Danko said...

Hi Gizmo
My Mom has gone crazy, she has been on the computer finding pictures to send to your Mom and Dad. I'm glad that we found you and Mom says she has a few more pictures to scan now of you, me and our other bros and sisters.
We are sure good looking guys,
enjoy the nice weather it's supposed to rain on Sunday. I don't like rain either.
Danko ;)