Monday, February 16, 2009

Joy -- A Lesson From Puppies

Just when you think you know a little something, you get whacked with an ounce or so of humility, sometimes in the form of joy. And that's what Andrew and I got today; a reminder of the joy life brings. You see, we were at a dog show this weekend and started thinking about winning being the important thing. Then, just before our ring times today, the Newfie puppies were in the ring -- three young lads just having fun. They were kind of geeky and one was off balance a bit. But what each of them demonstrated to us was the joy of just being there. And therein was the lesson. I must remember everyday to understand how lucky I am to have Puppy as my mate. He makes me whole, he keeps me grounded, he understands (like the puppies today) that joy comes simply in the attempt to fulfill our potential, whether successfully or not. It is present qualitively in anyone's act, no matter how inconspicuous, which is done as an honest and responbile expression of his own powers. Today three puppies reminded us of what is joy.


Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

O blah deep post!

Gizmosav said...

ya know every once in awhile we have to be reminded that there is so much more to life than winning! You two are the prefect newfies!!

Randi said...

Oh Satchie! You made my moms eyes leak with your eloquent & insightful philosophy - along with your handsome-ness...well, I"m just OOZING with JOY!

love & licks,

onecoatsam said...

You have a wonderful Mom, Randi. It was a true pleasure to have met her.

Best wishes,

Satchie & Andrew

Flanaghan the Newfie said...

Exactly why I stay out of the show world.

Your buddy,

Flanaghan the Newfie

Newfie Clyde said...

You two are great buddies.

Life is good in Koda's World said...

I admire you and puppy. I think you guys make a great team. Maybe one day my mom and dad will bring home a newfie puppy for me too so I can have someone to play with.

Holly The Newf said...

Satchel and Andrew,
You are both very handsome Newfs! Holly The Newf here. I'm a 3 year old Newfie that lives in Western MD and does therapy dog work with Therapy Dogs International. It looks like you guys are into showing. My human has always wanted to get into that. Any advice? It's always great to meet other blogging Newfies. Feel free to drop my blog at and post a comment or two. I'll recommend your blog to my friends.