Saturday, February 22, 2014

When The Angels Fall

"So high above the world tonight
The angels watch us sleeping
And underneath a bridge of stars
We dream in safety's keeping
But perhaps the dream is dreaming us
Soaring with the seagulls
But perhaps the dream is dreaming us
Astride the backs of eagles
When the angels fall
Shadows on the wall
In the thunder's call
Something haunts us all
When the angels fall

Take your father's cross
Gently from the wall
The shadow still remaining
See the churches fall
In mighty arcs of sound
And all that they're containing
Yet all the ragged souls
Of all the ragged men
Looking for their lost homes
Shuffle to the ruins
From the levelled plain
To search among the tombstones
When the angels fall
Shadows on the wall
In the thunder's call
Something haunts us all
When the angels fall

These are my feet
These are my hands
These are my children
And this is my demand
Bring down the angels
Cast them from my sight
I never want to see
A million suns at midnight

Your hands are empty
The streets are empty
You can't control us
You can't control us anymore
When the angels fall"

Tuesday, February 11, 2014



I remember I saw you at just a few weeks
I remember the angel dust upon your feet.

I knew even then we were meant to be
My son, my boy, you made life so sweet.

I remember you kissing my tears when I cried
I remember you always there at my side.

I remember our adventures that brightened our sky
I remember your touch and the glee in your eyes.

I remember our sleeping beneath the Dog Star
I remember we knew that a world was just ours.

I remember I told you that we’d never part
I remember your smile, your lick; my wet eyes.

I remember each day that we laid side by side
I remember we knew that our love could not die.

I cannot imagine a life without you
We are always together, my son true and true.

I’ll not let us part; we are bound through and through
Not something that even father time can undo.

Take care of your kindred across the great bridge
I have brother Andrew to care for myself.

We will meet once again across the divide
I will hold you forever as I dream every night.

And until then please know we are always one
My child in heaven - my Satchie, my son.

Ch. Karazan Satchel - May 25, 2004 - February 10, 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

For The Boys

You guys are everything one could ever hope for, and more!!!