Monday, February 18, 2008

Don't Be A "Plonker" ("Just A Dog" Reprise)

In response to not the last blog, but the one before that (whatever), we saw just how much Plonkers like "David" (probably Brent Plater in reality) dislike dogs.
Ya see, these extreme environmentalists are always going on about how much they love dogs while at the same time trying to take our off leash space away -- or resorting to nonsense about how it's harmful to dogs to be off leash. Yeah, we know, it's utterly stupid. So much so that we must include them in the long list of "Plonkers".
Of course, this begs the question, what is a "Plonker"? (We hear Mr. & Mrs. P and Aunt Heidi saying it but remain unsure of its meaning other than it just fits some people and organizations (today's judge, what a Plonker. And "David" and Plater and the GGNRA, if combined, would be the World Plonker Association).

Anyway, 'Drew and I went to Wikipedia (not quite Phyllypedia) to try to find a definition. It says, "'Plonker is a slang term of British or Australian origin whose meaning has evolved over time. Partridge in the third edition of his 'A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English' in 1949 recorded the term as 'low' slang for penis, 'since ca. 1917'. The term remains in recent use with that meaning.
By 1966, the term had also acquired the meaning of a stupid or inept person, and in the 1980s it gained very wide circulation through its frequent use in 'Only Fools and Horses', and has entered common usage. (Wordhunt appeal list Oxford English Dictionary, in association with the BBC etymological programme Balderdash & Piffle, July 2007.)"

So the point of today's blog is not to be a Plonker!!

We therefore feel it appropriate for a reprise of "Just A Dog" for all the Plonkers out there. Maybe this will assist you in getting Un-Plonkered.


"From time to time, people tell me, 'lighten up, it's just a dog,' or, 'that's a lot of money for just a dog.' They don't understand the distance traveled, the time spent, or the costs involved for 'just a dog.'
Some of my proudest moments have come about with 'just a dog.' Many hours have passed and my only company was 'just a dog,' but I did not once feel slighted.
Some of my saddest moments have been brought about by 'just a dog,' and in those days of darkness, the gentle touch of "just a dog" gave me comfort and reason to overcome the day.
If you, too, think it's 'just a dog,' then you will probably understand phases like 'just a friend,' 'just a sunrise,' or 'just a promise.' 'Just a dog' brings into my life the very essence of friendship, trust, and pure unbridled joy. 'Just a dog' brings out the compassion and patience that make me a better person.
Because of 'just a dog' I will rise early, take long walks and look longingly to the future. So for me and folks like me, it's not 'just a dog' but an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams of the future, the fond memories of the past, and the pure joy of the moment.
'Just a dog' brings out what's good in me and diverts my thoughts away from myself and the worries of the day.
I hope that someday they can understand that it's not 'just a dog' but the thing that gives me humanity and keeps me from being 'just a human.'
So the next time you hear the phrase 'just a dog.' just smile, because they 'just don't understand.'"

(Richard A. Biby)

In other words, they are "just Plonkers". And really, if you see what I mean, that says it all.



Sue & Bo said...

Yes, the GGNRA are a bunch of "Plonkers".

Sue & Bo

JB said...

Satch --

Have Pappa take them down, again.