Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Conversation, Part Two

S: "I'm not talkin to you."

A: "I'm not talkin to you either. How come?"

S: "I dunno, but humans say that all the time."

A: "Who?"

S: "You did make a fool of yourself fawning over Bella, licking her ears, licking her face, snuggling up to her."

A: "She digs me. We're gonna have puppies."

S: "Puppies!! You can't even get to your water bowl without tripping."

A: "Oh, yeah. What do you think Gizzy and Hummer are doing?"

S: "Something better than this; something fun."

A: "So what do you like to do for fun."

S: "I told you last time; after four years I still don't know, but this isn't it."

A: "He's telling us to 'come'."

S: "Don't listen and don't turn you head. He's just trying to use the image-taking thing without our prior written consent."

A: "What's that?"

S: "Don't worry 'bout it; just keeping looking away."

A: "Now he's yelling at us."

S: "Yes, our work here is almost done. Just relax until he talks about having a 'headache'. I love it when I hear that."

A: "Hey, aren't we talking?"

S: "Of course! I'd never really stoop to being like a human."

A: "I miss Bella; she's Newfylicious."

S: "Oh young one, you're giving me a headache."

A: "Scoldy boy"

S: "You got that right."

A: "Hey, he used that word about his head hurting."

S: "Now you know why they call us 'working dogs'."


Flanaghan the Newfie said...


Don't you guys worry about not getting fed?

Gizmosav said...

keep it up you two, your driving him crazy!!!!

Clyde said...

Hey, did you guys to out to MG and not call me?