Sunday, December 7, 2008

To Big Jack, From Satchie

I float now aimlessly
without my compass to guide me
rightly or wrongly.
My sense of direction is gone;
indeed, it never existed.
I am left to my own feelings,
thoughts, and desires.
And I am afraid.
For these have never
existed in me.


Flanaghan the Newfie said...

The gates of Heaven were opened wide for Jack.

Gizmosav said...

Jack was one amazing boy, that I so wish I had met. His legacy lives on.....
God Bless him!!
Love Gizmo

CDS said...

Dear Satchel,

They say that dogs only know the "now", the present, that they have no memory or sense of time or sense of the past. Whoever said that did not know a Newfoundland.


Clyde (I'm a Newfie Too) said...

The greatest.