Thursday, December 24, 2009

To All The Dogs I've Loved

To All The Dogs I've Loved

Where is that place dogs go to when they close their eyes to sleep?
So very far away from here, a hidden path they keep
Often have I watched them run, their eyes closed to the light
With twitching paws, and thumping tail, and whimpers of delight

In that place dogs go to when they're in a dream so deep
Ten thousand years of history are shed within one leap
And Free from chain, and cage and man, beneath the moon they play
And run with wild abandon no Master's hand can stay

I think it never rains there, no chill wind dares blow
The sun does always shine there and clear blue streams must flow
The grass is soft and green there, spring breezes warm the air
There are no fences in that place, no hunger, thirst or care

I think time cannot go there, they run with strength and grace
When scent of rabbit rides the air, the wind cannot keep pace
Their eyes are sharp, their ears are keen, undimmed by age or pain
Adventure lies beneath each bush, green hill and shadowed lane

I watch my friend lie by the fire and know his time comes soon
His legs too stiff and eyes too weak to chase or howl the moon
For in our world the hateful clock ticks on toward final sleep
Soon one last time he'll close his eyes and make the final leap

And one last time he'll find that place, he found within his sleep
His heart will soar, the clock winds back, and youth is his to keep
My head knows that is best for him, but selfish heart cries stay!
My world will be a lesser place when he is gone away

But when my time comes round one day to seek that farthest shore,
I have no fear that I'll stay lost and wander ever more
For God will post a watch for me and I know who he'll send,
I'll hear his joyous barking, see ears flying in the wind

I know that he will find me on that strange and lonesome day
He knows the path and knows it well, and should I lose my way
He'll touch my hand with his soft nose and steer me round the bend
He'll lead me as he did in life, my guide, my dog, my friend.

- Susan Guillot


Big Lu n' Me said...

I found this and posted to Newf-L. I'm happy it has brought you some comfort and that you have shared it. ~Tricia

Gizmosav said...

As I read this, Giz is sleeping beside me snoring up a storm. I can not imagine my life without him. This brings tears to my eyes.
God Bless all those that have come before him.
Thank you for sharing this.
Big hugs