Sunday, January 23, 2011

An Open Letter to Howard Leavitt of the GGNRA

Dear Mr. Leavitt:

You do not seem able to tell the truth, so we are writing to set your lyin ass straight. You have continuously stated that with respect to the 1979 Pet Policy, "If you ask 100 people in this park, not one of them could tell you what the rules are on dogs".

You are full of shit. There are three pages that the GGNRA continues to hide from the public to justify this lie. The two pages of the 1979 Pet Policy state where dogs may be off-leash and subject to voice control. The one page 1986 Compendium Amendment thereto added a few additional sites, and specifically defines "voice control". It is very simple and has worked very well. But you and the rest of the GGNRA will continue to lie because your are liars and your goal is to completely eliminate off leash recreation in the GGNRA. Why not just attempt to tell the truth you jerk.

That is all (for today).

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Anonymous said...

Well, I had to laugh at this one. You write so beautifully and your other articles are so wonderfully restrained, I can see why you had to let it out here!I've been using the "f" word a lot myself lately, especially where GGNRA is concerned. They ARE jerks!