Saturday, February 5, 2011

Environmental Impact in the GGNRA: People or Dogs

From five years of Incident Reports obtained from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the charts below demonstrate that the recreational (and other)activities of people have a far more destructive impact on the environment than do off-leash dogs, who are only allowed in less than 1% of the GGNRA per the 1979 Pet Policy.

So one has to ask, why did the GGNRA spend millions of taxpayer dollars to produce a 2,400 page Draft EIS in order to attempt to make its case against off-leash recreation, yet ignore the impact of people? The answer is clear: this is not science aimed at objectivity but rather aimed at a fait accompli to eliminate dogs from the GGNRA. Shame on them and those who continue to aid and abet their fraud on the public.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your research. Shame on them indeed! And I'm not too happy with the Audubon Society, whom I've always supported in the past, with their narrow-minded stand against off-leash dogs on this land. Is there any way to make the charts bigger? I can't see them. Thanks.

onecoatsam said...

Check them out on the Ocean Beach DOG website.
As for the bird-brains, they have always been dog haters and want it all for themselves. Jackasses!!!