Thursday, May 23, 2013

Why Does The Newfoundland Club of America Spread False and Malicious Rumors?

Seeing that the Newfoundland Club of America chimed in and commented on our last post, we must again ask the question why the NCA, though its horrid mouthpiece, Marylou Hoffman Zimmerman, the self-proclaimed pagan, claim that our fantastic and healthy girl, Chase (Fekete Panda Black Wizard) has a grandmother, five generations back (Cayuga Cheyenne at Robber Baron) had SAS.

Is the NCA statement true? Or was it just made falsely and maliciously.

As noted, we contacted the eminent breeder of the girl, Manlio Massa of Cayuga Newfoundlands in Italy, and just to double check, asked him about the girl in question.

Here is Manlio's response to Ms. Pagan's accusation:

Manlio Massa
"Cheyenne was SAS free officially certified by a cardiologist and have produced several champions. No comment about people attitude. Best."
Manlio Massa
"This people attitude is the main reason I have stop breeding time ago."

One must ask - why is the NCA allowing this woman to keep her job when she vehemently makes false and willfully malicious comments about Newfoundlands? And why no comments from the Pagan after her lie was exposed? It really makes you continue to wonder about the ethics of NCA. Just how does the Newfoundland Club of America improve this grand breed by spreading lies about it?


Rocky said...

Take these people down - this is outrageous.


CC said...

What jackasses - make em pay!

Bob L said...

I did see that post, I believe, on Facebook, and it is despicable. Anyone who makes such a bald assertion is just a miscreant. Chase is a beautiful Newfie.

Bob L

Anonymous said...

Truly sad and outrageous, particularly from NCA. Your girl is beautiful and best wishes for breeding her.

Dennis U.K. said...

Sounds repetitive, but this is exactly why I quit my local club, joined NCA, and then quit NCA. These people can be bloody vicious. I hope you take them to task.

Dennis U.K.

Anonymous said...

Why in the world would someone, anyone, much less an NCA member, make such a false and brazen claim? It shocks the mind that such people speak outside the other side of their mouth that they are protectors of the breed.

Anonymous said...

Her grandson, Cayuga King of Hearts at Sandbears:
Heart: Echo doppler equivocal

Her great-grandson, Sandbears Fairytale at Telynor: Echo doppler abnormal - mild SAS.

onecoatsam said...

Actually, what you said, Marylou Hoffman Zimmerman, is that Chase's great grandmother five generations back HAD SAS. That is false.

As for Cayuga King of Hearts at Sandbears, this is what the database says:

Cayuga King of Hearts at Sandbears

Father: Cayuga Ike Marshall of Bonaventura
Mother: Cayuga Cimarron of Bonaventura
Registry No: K.C.S.B. F7127
Date of birth: 05/17/2004
Male / Female: M
Kennel: Cayuga (I)
Colors: S
Heart: grade 0, equivocal-echo doppler.

Read that again, you malicious hag, Grade ZERO.

onecoatsam said...

Same re Sandbears - Grade Zero. Better take stock in your own stock.