Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Newfoundland Club Of America's Condemnation Of "The Coven"

You might know who some of these people are: the self-proclaimed "Coven," made up mostly of women (including NCA breeders), but with some male prostitutes who do their work.
They claim their goal is to protect the Newfoundland breed from people who, essentially, are not part of their group - or those they do not believe should breed, and so on. They are the height of presumption and pretension. Worse,they know no lengths as to how far they will go to attempt to destroy someone who stands up to them.

In the Second Quarter 2013 edition of NewfTide, the President of NCA said, in pertinent part, this of The Coven: "The fact that these people, who believe that they are protecting our Newfoundlands, take pride in what they have likened to a witch hunt and NCA coven is appalling to me. Pride in harassment is sad and unproductive. They condone this behavior by saying they are doing a good thing if they can keep one Newfoundland from ending up in a puppy mill. If we can stop people from buying Newfoundlands from puppy mills, the puppy mills would not breed Newfoundlands, and harassing behavior is potentially sending people to purchase their puppies from the very puppy mills we are trying to stop. . .. Why would anyone seek out an NCA breeder when potentially faced with the type of harassment that has been happening?"

Just how sincere the NCA itself is in deploring The Coven remains a significant question. There are Coven members who hold positions within NCA. There are Coven members who are appointed show judges by NCA. There are Coven members on the Board of NCA!!! There are Coven members, who are self-proclaimed "pagans," yet who hold positions within NCA. The Coven is not simply figurative; it is literal!
While, perhaps it is enough that something was said about them by NCA, even if only to placate those outraged by The Coven, the message is far from enough.

So what are some examples of Coven activity?

The Coven will contact overseas breeders and tell them not to sell a Newfie to you.
The Coven will interfere with a contract to buy a Newfoundland between you and a U.S. breeder.
The Coven will post pictures of your Newfs with warnings about buying from puppy mills.
The Coven will attempt to get your Newf disqualified from showing.
The Coven will claim, without any personal knowledge, that your Newf did not achieve a significant task.
The Coven will lambast you all over social networks they control without your ability to defend yourself. (This is one public forum they have no control over, however. So they have put up their own blog for the sole purpose of trying to refute things herein.)
The Coven will chid you and relish over the death of your puppy from SAS.
The Coven will claim that a puppy of yours that died from a congenital condition (as proven on autopsy) actually died because you abused it.
Should you get a puppy from a breeder who will not sell to a Coven member, The Coven will wish death upon your puppy.
The Coven will attack you because you have suffered from a medical condition, including cancer.
The Coven will write and call your employer and try (albeit unsuccessfully) to get you fired because of what you have said on social networks involving Newfoundlands and having nothing to do with your job.
The Coven will gladly accept criminals into its ranks.

The Coven will even send you death threats!!!

Did you know this, NCA? Did you know that The Coven will and does threaten you and your family with physical harm including death?

The Coven is indeed ruining the precious Newfoundland breed by harassing people to the point of seeking out breeders who do not have the best interests of the breed at heart. And some of those people are actually Coven members!

The Coven has been around for decades, unknown to most. But now, as NewfTide alludes to, the fact that the web has allowed for people to challenge them has resulted in The Coven coming out publicly in order to destroy people.

The Coven, with its proud members, is everything and more that Lord Byron decried in his Eulogy to Boatswain:

"Oh man! thou feeble tenant of an hour,
Debased by slavery, or corrupt by power –
Who knows thee well must quit thee with disgust,
Degraded mass of animated dust!
Thy love is lust, thy friendship all a cheat,
Thy tongue hypocrisy, thy heart deceit!
By nature vile, ennobled but by name,
Each kindred brute might bid thee blush for shame."

It is time The Coven is exposed far more fully than NCA would do. It is time to put names on the examples of their activity outlined above. It is time that people understand just how evil The Coven miscreants are, and just how far they will go in their horrendous activity. And yet many a Coven member has skeletons in their closets that they dearly seek to hide. Yes, this is, to say the least, a double standard.

Stay tuned.


Judy said...

Well said - horrible people!

Anonymous said...

I agree it was good that NCA said something, but also agree it was not enough. No surprise there. Everyone in the Newfie world should be aware of these people. They are a true detriment to our breed.

Anonymous said...

Who are these people?

Tina said...

Kudos for standing up to them. Unbelievable that they go to such lengths.

Tammy said...

Death threats? I hope you did something about that. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

I've crossed their despicable lot.

Anonymous said...

You should expose their names, even kennel names. People need to know who to stay away from. Thnx.

Anonymous said...

They should go to jail

JC said...

Unbelievable that they own Newfoundlands.

Anonymous said...

Name the names - it may be the only way to stop these horrid women. I know; I too have felt their jealously and wrath.

Anonymous said...

Part of what is really pathetic about the coven is that so many members are idiots when it comes to the breed. They are just playing follow-the-leader for the sake of being accepted.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting people

Flanaghan the Newfie said...

What a disgusting group - how can these people claim to have any right to Newfoundlands?

Rocky said...

What a smouldering bucket of jackasses.


Anonymous said...

What a horrid group to do such things.

Suzanne said...

This is crazy Steve. I know you. I know your dogs. And I know you've done more (without charge) for the dog community here than anyone. I also know you will stand up for what you believe is right. This must have irked some pretty sad folks.

Stay good!

Anonymous said...

Hell hath no fury like a witch!

Anonymous said...

I'm an NCA member and just want to say that the President's message should have gone further. These people are a blight on the Newfoundland dog.

Anonymous said...

They sound absolutely terrible.

Anonymous said...

Wishing death upon a puppy - they should rot in hell.