Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Newfoundland Club of America Condemns the Homeless

In a recent rant, Newfoundland Club of America mouthpiece and miscreant Marylou Hoffman Zimmerman (self described wicken, vegan, etc.) issued a warning to Newfoundland breeders to make sure that no Newfie even finds its way into the hands of a homeless person?


According to this occupier of Indian burial grounds, a homeless person will only use a dog for protection or for fighting. This is an outrageous claim from an equally outrageous person and organization. We've contacted the various homeless coalitions in the hopes that NCA will finally rid itself of the cancer that is Hoffman Zimmerman. She represents anything but what a Newfie owner is or should be and only darkens the image of NCA. Soon to come, a list of Newfoundland breeders who found her post appropriate, and a history of their breeding practices.

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