Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Day At The Beach

Andrew and I went to the beach today and stayed out until just a bit ago. It was really sunny out so we both got alot of swimming in. Andrew is really a good swimmer. I put up with it cuz Dad is always telling me I have to be a water rescue dog. Where did he get that idea?
Anyway, Andrew seems like a natural, just like Big Jack. (Dog, I miss him.) I prefer to play on the beach but now that I've shown Dad I can swim, he's always on my case to get into the water. "Satchie, get out there." Sigh!
The thing about it is that when we swim, Dad always rinses us off (something about seawater) and then blows us dry with the super blower -- it feels good but I try to make him think I don't like it because guilt works really well with him. And I know just how to work him.
Well, we just ate and I'm tired. Time for some sleep.
To all my buddies and the Karazan clan, sleep well. Tomorrow is another day and we might have to save someone in the water. Is that really our job? Love, Satchel!

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Flossikens said...


you look so cuddly!

also welcome to the dog blog world :]

♥Floss & Jez