Monday, June 25, 2007

I Started Out As A Bunny


My name is "Satchel". Alot of people call me "Satchie" or "Satch" but what do those humans know? Anyway, I'm a Newfoundland and just turned three on May 25, 2007.

My real mommy is Lisa and my real daddy is Phantom, but I haven't seem them in a long time. I have alot to tell you all but for now just wanted to introduce myself.
Here's a picture when I was just a wee nine-weeks old. Some guy said I looked like a bunny on steriods, but I don't know what that means.
I'm hoping to have alot of fun telling stories and showing you all my friends, especially the other Karazans. Okay, enough for now, I'm off to the beach because I finally learned how to swim. My human dad says I should have been doing this as soon as I was born but what does he know? Ciao for now.


Nanook and Pooka the Newfoundlands said...

Welcome to blogging Satchel! You should join Dogs With Blogs!

If you want to, go here:

Lotsa Licks,

Nanook and Pooka

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Satchel...
My name is Ruby...Nice to meet you. I'm a friend of Nanook and Pooka's. Hurry up and join will make TONS of new friends!!!

That is just the cutest picture...I don't think you look anything like a bunny. But I bet you'd scare some bunnies because you are so big - hee, hee, hee!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Kobe and Faylin said...

Oh My Goodness, You really are the cutest puppies ever. And that's a big compliment because Mom says we're the cutest puppies ever.

Kobe and Faylin

Anonymous said...


You have to be the most precious thing I've ever seen!