Sunday, August 5, 2007

Of Bibs And Bicycle Kicks

Hello from Newfoundland!
Okay, just a bit southwest.
Anyway, our Sunday was spent getting all refurbished (bathed and groomed) and we didn't even have a show. Again, what's the point?
I was as patient as I could be but this nonsense is virtually an all day affair for a Newfie -- just the bleeding drying is an hour! What's a dog to do?????

With all this pent up zest for fun, I decided to attack Andrew's bib and make a toy of it. Mmmmmmmmm, tastes like chicken!

Game on: as the video clearly shows (just scroll to the bottom of the page), the young Terranova was no match for me. I used my patented bicycle-kick defense to wear him out. He's just no match for me and easily falls pray to my deft defensive skills.

Okay, I'll admit that this is a subjective thing but even if it were an objective kinda thing, objectivity is, ultimately, subjective. So the long and short of it, no matter what you may see, is that I won. Chalk up another victory for Satchie!!!! Dad says I have some kinda "delusional" problem. I dunno what he means and pay no attention, but I smile (sort of)and he thinks all is understood. Oh how little does he know!

Ciao. Satchie

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