Monday, July 30, 2007

Support "Safe Haven" Newfoundland Rescue

The "Safe Haven" project, the brain-child of Newfie-lover extradionaire Alexander Bridge, provides funding for Newfoundland dog rescue across North America. Safe Haven is committed to the safety and well-being of rescued Newfoundlands in helping them find new homes. Some Newfoundlands, through no fault of their own, sometimes become the innocent victims when they can no longer be provided for by an owner, or are caught up in a family relocation, a divorce, or even abuse.
Safe Haven raises money by recycling donated sails and making them into a variety of goods -- all the profits go to Newfie rescue groups. Attached is the Summer-Fall 2007 edition of the Safe Haven Log, with contact information for Alexander and Lowrie Sargent.

Alexander has published several works on the Gentle Giants. His flagship work is entitled "Safe Haven":

"Give me a loving family
To share my life
A warm bed
And many hugs.

Give me fellowship
With others
And a place where I can run.

Give me this,
And in return
I will give to you
Unquestioned love.

For you have given me
The true gift of life . . .
A Safe Haven"

(Alexander Bridge)

Please do what you can to support the noble efforts of Safe Haven, keeping in mind that its goal, first and foremost, is the well-being of the Gentle Giants, who give us so much joy and ask for so little.

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Are the Karazans connected in any way to Phyllis Colgan?