Friday, July 27, 2007

Scolded (In The Dog House)

Well, I'm really in the dog-house today.

Ya see, Andrew and I were at a park earlier and were wrestling around and, I got kinda excited and ran over to another doggie (sort of a small one) and, barreled over the little guy.

Dad went absolutely bonkers on me -- I've never witnessed such a tongue-lashing.
So we got dragged into the car and put in the scoldy area out on the deck. (I just snuck out to type this -- why don't they make these keyboards in Newfie size? Hello, Mr. Gates, you're Jobbing us.) All Dad does is look at us with disgust and tell us we may not get dinner (it's already past dinner time!!!!).

He says there is absolutely no defense to a Newfie not being a Gentle Giant. As one famous accused said, "I deny the allegation and I deny the allegator". It's not working. I have to show remorse (how the heck do ya do that?).
He even said that if I ever did this again, he'd send me to "boot camp". What ever happened to three strikes? Then, he made me turn my head to take this picture. He said I dare not look into the camera and that this was part of the punishment. Egads! Just look at me. Pathetic.

I am cursed by my own breed standard. I didn't mean to hurt the little guy and he didn't get hurt but His Honor is adamant that it doesn't matter.
We may not even to be able to get out this weekend. Grounded???? Please!
Okay, okay, I did wrong but need some help from 'yall. Please, please, please send in some comments. I need character witnesses to avoid a full two-day scolding.
Really, I'm rehabilitated -- it only took a few hours. I'm beggin ya, tell Dad I should be forgiven. I think he's serious. C'mon guys -- Hummer, Axl, Preston, Chester, Gizzie, Rebus, Nanook, Pooka -- tell Dad I should have my sentence commuted.


Satchie (Scooter) Newfie


Anonymous said...

Dear Satchel,

I,Hummer, solemnly swear to tell the whole truth to help set you free cuz I don't want to be the only Giant dog on the beach. You were just playing, you didn't mean to knock that little dog over, maybe it was camouflaged and you thought it was a piece of wood, maybe your Dad should have been watching you more carefully (reasonable doubt). I want you to go play at the beach with ME, besides, yesterday was my birthday and I should get what I want on my birthday...tell THAT to the judge. I hope this helps you get out of mean...the Dog House! Your buddy, Hummer.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, Victoria Shain was my Mom's Great Grandma and my Mom is going to start a blog about her and the History of the United States..ah..I mean the history of the Newfoundland in the USA, and she said she would put a picture of ME in there if I was good (I'm always good). Your Buddy, Hummer

onecoatsam said...

Hummer buddy -- grazie mille!

Gizmosav said...

In the dog house!!! Awww come on, Satchie, just look at him with those oh so sad eyes and its over for him, it works every time for me. I even knocked my dad down once and now I am famous, cause its on you tube!!! One big lick on the face and it will all be forgotten. Good luck Satchie
Your pal Gizmo

onecoatsam said...

Hummer/Gizzie --

Thanks buddies -- I may have to appeal as the Judge I have appears biased! Love you guys. Satchie

Billy said...