Thursday, July 19, 2007

What Is A Newfie?

Phew, what a day.
Dad really scolded me and 'Drew(get it, Andrew) for "wussing out" by not going into the big waves. Okay, Newfies are water rescue dogs but, as I've said, this is an organic kind of thing, and as we progress it becomes an option not a obligation. Dad says I'm full of something I can't repeat. He hasn't even fed us supper yet. And no really harsh words for Andrew! "Discrimination" I say!

Anyway, my buddy, Gizmo, looks just like me but I'm weighing in around 150 and he's a wopping 175. (Mrs. P says I have to lose weight and you can't mess with her -- sigh.) That's a big, beautiful boy. And do we ever look alike. Take a look at Gizzy at just 3 months and a baby picture of me -- pretty close, eh? He lives in Canada and I live in California. We're gonna hook up soon though.

Okay, to get to today's point (besides a scolding and no dinner yet -- I'll bet Big Paris is eating steak and Kiwi pie): as Lord B said of Newfies - we possess "beauty without vanity, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity and all the virtues of Man without his vices." (Don't get on my case, I'm just repeating what he said.) Goodness!

Perfect case in point is Gizzie's video: he sees daddy (Doug) filming him and being a playful lad, leaps with joy at the videographer (who says them can film us anyway?). His dad goes down on the ground and Gizzy proceeds to lick the poor battered guy. (He doesn't know how big and strong he is!) Then he simply sits down waiting for the next adventure. (Momma Cindy will take care of that.) No big deal to him. No harm done. (I'm going to do this next chance if cheapskate buys one of these things.) So that's it in a nutshell. All we wanna do is be with our family and have some fun. Have I made my point? Okay, one more time (repeat after me): strength without insolence! Freaking hilarious. I could watch it all day.

Gizzie makes me proud to be a Newfie, even though I'm being sent to my room for allegedly being a "water wuss". Sounds defamatory to me. Anyone know a good lawyer? Hello Jill!!!! Get back to me.

Love, Satchie

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