Monday, January 28, 2008

A Karazan Newfoundland Weekend

Hi -

This is, um, Andrew -- yeah, me, although I kinda like being called "Puppy".

Satchel is resting comfortably after considerable trauma in the wake of two-days being on the bench at the Golden Gate Kennel Club Show at the Cow Palace this past weekend. At first he seemed alright, standing up to greet guests and even running (okay jogging) around the ring. But as the weekend wore on, he began sitting down, then laying down, then dropping his head to the point where it was dragging on the cement below the benches. The doctors at the Cow Palace seem to think it's just exhaustion but just to be careful, they injected him with a very high dose of Prozac. As you can see, he is, at present, completely immobile.

I think I know why Dad named him after Satchel Paige, who once said, "I don't generally like running. I believe in training by rising gently up and down from the bench."

But there is a lot of good news: Karazan Preston won Best in Breed both days, Karazan Axl won Winner's Dog on Saturday, and I (yeah me, Puppy) won something called "Open Dog" on Sunday, even after I peed all over the ring. (Satchie was second). So it was a big weekend for the Karazan clan and I also got to hang out with Gaia, Westly, Ty, Bella, Tickel, Rain, and big boy Hummer!!! Totally cool. (Too bad Gizzy and his parents could not make it because of the storm.)

There were a lot of other Newfies there too, but their parents wouldn't let them play with us. In fact, their parents even whined about a great board we had up with really nice pictures, and some beautiful ones of Big Jack. Why would anyone have a problem with that? So try as they did, the Plonkers could not beat us or even put a dent in the fun we had and the joy we brought to all the people who came by. And that's what a Newfie does -- even Satchie.

We're pretty sure Satchie will recover since he regularly gets these bouts of scoldiness.

I also want to give my love to Mr. & Mrs. P, Aunt Heidi, Aunt Claire, Aunt Jill, Aunt Terri and Uncle Dave. (I'm not even going to hold a grudge for Aunt Meredith for not knowing who I wuz!!!)

Um, okay, bye,

Andrew, er "Puppy"


Hummer said...

Hey Andrew and Satchel!

Nice going at the Cow Palace Show! I had a great time, met lots of cute girls to hug and kiss and how about that show ring? That crate was a little cramped, but while sitting there next to my Daddy, Gaia, I got lots of paternal advice: he said I needed to workout more, so I guess I'll see you both at the beach!! Hup -2-3-4... Hup 2-3-4........

your budddy, Hummer

Gizmosav said...

Congratulations my friends!!
Way to bring home the gold. You made your papa very proud!!!
your bud Gizzy

JB said...

Hey Andrew -

Has Satch recovered?


Flanaghan the Newfie said...

Oh gosh, another episode.

Well, we're praying for you Satchel.

Flanaghan the Newfie

Cub the Newf said...

Benched shows are such a drag. Pull it together Satch. You're still on that quest for the points. And Drew's gotta get his CH so that he can start water rescue training. I'd like to start training right now, but mom says the water is too cold for HER! These 2lggds ... sooo thin skinned!

Bubba the Cub

Lucia a/k/a Newfi said...

Hi Andrew and Satchel!
Well I know you haven't seen me since you saw me off to my new home. Mom and Dad (Augustina and Mike Perrando) told me about how great you both did at the show! Sorry to hear Satchel is under the weather and those other folks gave y'all such a bad time. Spoiled sports!
Hope Satchel is feeling better!
Your friend,
Licia a/k/a Newfi(yes newfi, dad couldn't remember my name so now everyone calls me Newfi)