Thursday, January 31, 2008

Satchel Is Recovering (Sort Of)

Uh, hi, this is Andrew -- "Puppy" again.

I just wanted to drop a note that we brought Satchel home from the sanitarium today.

The doctors would only say that his condition is delusional and that he believes he is back at about eight weeks of age. (Maybe not a bad thing since I heard he was really sweet at that age.)

They think that this too shall pass.

Okay, bye



Cub the Newf said...

Sooo ... he believes his is 8 weeks old, and ... he was really sweet then, and ... this to shall pass. So that means he'll soon be his cranky old self again?

Bubba the Cub

Gizmosav said...

ohh Satchie you are sooo cute!! You'll get over it buddy!! Your dad will look after you!
Play some more tennis with puppy, it will take your mind off things.