Friday, April 25, 2008

The Dog From Newfoundland

The Dog From Newfoundland

You will meet him as you go through life
And he’ll always lick your hand
You can count when you’re in trouble
On the dog from Newfoundland

When some folks talk about him
Telling jokes which aren’t too grand
You can tell that they are jealous
Of the dog from Newfoundland

From St. John’s to the Grand Banks
And all through this great land
You’ll never find another
Like the dog from Newfoundland

He’ll invite you in and treat you well
And when you drink his brand
He’ll tell you all the stories
Of good old Newfoundland

In Corner Brook or Marystown
When you’re dancing to a band
Just listen to the fiddler
He’s the dog from Newfoundland

Perhaps some day you’ll meet him
Then you will understand
Why he makes the world a better place
The dog from Newfoundland.


Gizmosav said...

Well said Satchie,
The world is a better place cause of us!!!

onecoatsam said...


When exactly do you arrive here?

Satch and 'Drew