Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Karazan Newfoundland Weekend

Uh, hi again -- this is 'Drew ,er "Puppy" er "Andrew Drool".

We're back from Sacramento, which is another word for "hot".

Fortunately, the show was indoors, which meant that Satchie actually ran. Really!

On Saturday, he won Winner's Dog and I got the Reserve Winner's thing that sounds like a beer label. Then Satchie got to go into the Best of Breed competition, but he was hopelessly fed up with it by then. But he didn't need hospitalization, which is kinda good cuz I wanna play today.

And just today, cousin Axl got Winner's dog so, all in all, it was a Karazanian weekend. Congrats to Aunt Jill.

We want to thank Aunt Claire for (always) taking such good care of us, and Jeff and Blossom and Erin, and Mr. & Mrs. P. It was great to see Dave and Terri and Christine, and really cool to hang with Hummer, Mr. Beautiful, and Jolie, Ms. Beautiful.

Seaking of beautiful, our buddy Gizmo and his parents are coming to see us in only a couple of weeks. This means all kinds of fun and beach time!!!

Okay, bye for now.



Bubba the Newf said...

Yahoooooooo!!!!!! Way to go Satch! How many points?


Flanaghan the Newfie said...

Satch -

You're looking like a pretty boy -- get out to the beach with us.

Flanaghan the Newfie

J.B. said...

Get out of that crazy show world and get back to North Beach!


Satchie said...

Hey Bubba!!

We think 2 points.