Saturday, October 18, 2008

Book of the Month: "Sailor - The Hangashore Newfoundland Dog"

From comes our pick for book of the month -- "Sailor, The Hangashore Newfoundland Dog", written by Catherine Simpson and illustrated by Joanne Snook-Hann.

Price: $8.95 CDN
ISBN 1-895387-98-1

As described by our friends at Tidespoint:

"Sailor is a very unusual Newfoundland dog -- he's afraid of the water! This brings a lot of scorn for Sailor, which also rubs off on his owner, six-year-old Ike, who tries a variety of methods to entice Sailor into the water. Everything fails until one Spring day Ike follows a group of other boys onto the ice. When Ike falls in, Sailor overcomes his fear and saves him. After this Sailor is no longer called a hangashore, but is the town hero.

"This is the second collaboration of Cathy Simpson and Joanne Snook-Hann. Their first book, There Are No Polar Bears Here! is now into its third printing.

"'This simple, loving tale of a boy and his dog will charm small children everywhere with its lovely illustrations and authentic Newfoundland flavour.'"

--The Evening Telegram
"'Snook-Hann's wonderful illustrations will delight toddlers and preschoolers; Simpson's expert story-telling techniques will attract primary and elementary school children. This charming book will capture a wide audience.'"

-- The Newfoundland Herald

And, while you're shopping at, make sure to buy some yummy and newly-introduced Newfoundland Chocolate.

"Are you looking for a great tasting food that is also good for you? Introducing a good source of antioxidants and a delicious treat - Chocolate manufactured right here in Newfoundland!
"With names such as Battery Series, Bonavista and Cabot, and full of healthy flavonoids and flavor, Newfoundland Chocolate is sure to be a hit with you, or as a gift!"

"Flavonoids" -- it just screams out "healthy".
'Drew and I just tried some and the stuff is fantastic.

A great book and some great treats. Not a bad day at all.
But don't be calling me a hangashore -- swimming is a choice I choose not to make.



Gizmosav said...

Hey Satchie,
My mom thanks you for this, she already put her order in for the chocolate, but says I can't have any....but she will read the book to me.
Glad you had a good day!!

Sophie and Isabella said...

Hey Satchie,
Our mom reads that book (and few other Newfie stories) to her class of 2nd graders every year before we make our grand entrance. The pictures in Sailor: The Hangashore Newfoundland are so well done that they really capture the sweetness of us Newfies.
Sophie and Bella

onecoatsam said...

Hey Aunt Terri -

When you gonna let us near your girls?


CDS said...

Hey Satchel, I hope your Dad doesn't have to fall through the ice for you to go in the water and save him.

Your Landlubber buddy,


CDS said...

Satchel, this is one of my favorite photos of you,

Hummer's Mom

onecoatsam said...

Hi Aunt Claire --

One word -- "puppies".