Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another Newfoundland Saves The Day

ROSEVILLE, MN (NBC) - A Roseville, MN, pooch has once again proven dogs just may have a sixth sense after all.

According to his owner and his neighbors, Murphy, a Newfoundland, helped save his 95-year-old neighbor.

Stephanie Goese noticed her usually quiet dog would not stop barking on Wednesday morning.

She finally let him outside. Murphy then darted straight to the fence and continued barking.

"At first I thought he was barking at a squirrel," Goese said. "But he was so persistent, so persistently barking and just kind of wouldn't give it up that I went and looked out the back window and could see the neighbor was needing help."

Goese found her elderly neighbor lying in her open garage in the chilling cold.

"We would have never seen her from the position she was in. I couldn't see her from the house. You certainly couldn't see her from the road," she said. "So if he hadn't alerted me, I never would've looked out the back window, and I don't know how long it would've been until she could've gotten some help."

Goese, a nurse, checked the woman out and determined she was fine. She believes that the woman had likely fallen minutes before she was discovered.

For his heroism, Murphy was treated to a steak Wednesday night.

"I'm very proud of him," Goese said. "He's a wonderful pet, but I think today he's maybe a little bit more."

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