Saturday, November 13, 2010

Justice For Rosie The Newfoundland, Part Two

Des Moines, Washington

2 Year Old Female Newfoundland Shot Dead By Local Police

Latest video: TV interview with the woman who was a witness to Rosie's shooting.
From the eyewitness to this horrific event: "As the witness to this event I will also say that Rosie never moved from her original position, they shot her exactly where she stood peering at me through the bushes. The officers were shooting at a still target in a fully fenced off yard. If I would have known that they were going to gun her down I would have stopped them. They should have told me.I would have let her stay in the yard for as long as needed. I also forgot to mention the officer chuckling as he explained to me that 'they had never had one this big before'. Not ever considering the danger and sadness they put upon my family. It makes me sick to my stomach to think this happened in our community."

More info including a copy of the police report:

The entire police report: 10-2533 basic case.pdf

Afternoon Vigil in Remembrance of Rosie - A Life Cut Short - Sunday, November 14, 2:00 p.m. in Des Moines, Washington
Rosie was a 2 year old Newfoundland Dog, one of the "Gentle Giants" of the canine world. On Sunday November 7, her life was heartbreakingly ended when she was shot and killed by officers from the Des Moines police department. On Sunday November 14 at beginning at 2 PM, members of the Newfoundland Club of Seattle will join with the local community at 16th Ave S between 268th and 272nd St in Des Moines to remember Rosie and to show support for both the Wright family, Rosie's owners, and for Lora Perry and her family who were the unfortunate witnesses to this tragedy.
For more information contact: Richard Jack, president, Newfoundland Club of Seattle - Newfoundland Club of Seattle website:
To sign a petition for Rosie, go to: NOTE: If you have tried multiple times to submit your signature via the preceding link without success, instead send an email to: Rosie The Newfoundland to submit it that way. You will receive an automated reply thanking you for your submission. Please do not submit your signature using both links. If you have any questions, please email me at . Thank you for caring about Rosie.

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Beautiful angel, Rosie


Anonymous said...

The cop that slughtered this poor animal is Michael Graddon, and this is where he lives.
12107 258th Avenue Ct E
Buckley, WA 98321-9009.

Let him face the public that he is payed to serve

Anonymous said...

It is a terrible tragedy but DO NOT post names and addresses of law enforcement officers or anyone for that matter. You have put him, his family and neighbours in jepardy.

Anonymous said...

i think the public should know who murdered this dog, cop or not. hes no better than the criminals hes paid to catch.

Anonymous said...

Mighty nice RV that guy has in his comfy waterfront home. Maybe the DMPD should stop putting the losers there on paid administrative leave. He gets paid entirely too much. Time to cut the budget. I think we know where to start.

Richard said...

Please post the names of every public servant culpable for cruel acts toward man and animal.


The more public announcements of the names of PEDOPHILES, SEXUAL DEVIANTS and those who think to GET AWAY WITH ANIMAL CRUELTY - the less likely cops will be to perpetrate crimes against animals in the future.


Richard said...

The name of the Policeman that heartlessly slaughtered the innocent family dog is:

Michael Graddon
12107 258th Avenue Ct E
Buckley, WA 98321-9009.

Please call the Mayor and your state and local representatives and DEMAND JUSTICE be served!!

What goes around, should com around.

Anonymous said...

I just added you dogs killing to my website today.

Your dog's execution is by no means an isolated event... It is a national epidemic.