Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving At Grandma's

"The day we went to Grandma's,
Oh what a fuss she made,
'Wipe those feet and dry your paws,
That carpet's just been laid.'
She put us in the garden,
We had a sniff around,
We pulled up all her flowers,
'Til there were none in the ground.

Well Grandma just started shrieking,
She really got quite mad,
So we gave her some flowers,
To make her feel less sad.

Later on that evening,
All warm and in our beds,
Our tummies started rumbling,
It's time that we were fed.

We went into the living room,
But they were watching telly,
'Come on nan' I barked out loud.
'It's time to fill our bellies.'

We went into the kitchen,
To see what we could find,
'Oh wow,' I whined, 'a loaf of bread.'
'I'm sure that they won't mind.'

Look left, look right,
the coast was clear,
We love the smell of bread,
We grabbed it quick and hurried out to eat it in our beds.

Now for a drink to wash it down,
But the bowl's outside the door.
We went back to the living room,
and paced around the floor.

Well Grandad got the message,
And let us out the back.
We shot straight past the drinking bowl,
And headed down the track.

There was something in the garden
That a Newf just can't resist,
An ornamental pond of course,
With lots of pretty fish.

After clearing out the pond for Gran,
We went back to the door,
pushed it open, went inside.
Dripping pond onto the floor.

Gran she started yelling,
Grandad, well he just laughed,
She said that we were stinking
And had to have a bath.

Cleaned and dried and let back in,
We tried to sit with nan.
'Get off me lap you silly dog,
You're bigger than I am!!'

We got back down and left the room
and went back to our beds,
Two pairs of shoes and a slipper later,
Time to get a snooze.

Breakfast at Grandma's is great,
As we get tea and toast,
But after we were still not full
So we ate the Sunday roast!

We couldn't understand them,
But we knew that we'd been bad.
'F's' and 'B's' were mentioned
Time to look real sad.

We looked at them with our big brown eyes,
Our heads held down quite low,
It did the trick - it always does
We're still their little beaus.

We didn't stay as long as planned,
As Dad he got quite stressed,
Having chased us out of the pond again,
he thought it for the best.

We kid you not, it's how it was.
We're telling you the truth.
The day we went to Grandma's
She got well and truly NEWF'D!!!"

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