Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wine Country Kennel Club: Gia Takes Best of Opposite Sex (And a New Witch Emerges)

This is a story that almost defies credibility.

Both Botti and Gia were entered in the Wine Country Kennel Club Show in Napa this weekend. Between Cara's illness and her breaking her patella and tearing her meniscus, she was in no position to get the dogs groomed or handle them at the show. As a result, we did not go on Saturday.

On Saturday night, a new witch, Janet Heym (apparently President and CEO of Tiffany & Co.) without ever asking us why we did not attend the Saturday show, made the following post on her Facebook page:

"Highly anticipated"? The only reason there was a major on Saturday is because we had entered Gia. They did not build a major on their own and had no idea we would have a bitch entered. And how many times did they break majors on Satchel just to break them? At least a half a dozen. More incredibly, Janet Heym's bitch not only didn't win the Open Bitch class on Saturday but finished last out of the three bitches present!!!! What was the whiner whining about?

When the post was called to my attention, I sent Heym a private message explaining why we did not attend and asking for an apology. None was forthcoming. I therefore posted the following on my Facebook wall:

"Here is a great big "fuck you" to Janet Heym for her post, a screenshot of which appears below. We had Botti and Gia entered at a show in Napa today. Cara Drogus NewDay Newfs handles our dogs at shows. (Cara is also the only owner of the dogs with AKC.) Cara is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. While she usually recovers remarkably quickly from her chemo, she has been so weak that she stumbled and fell five days ago, breaking her patella and tibia. While I tried to find the time outside of work to get the Newfs ready, there was not enough time. Nor were we able to line up handlers. But rather than confront me or Cara privately, Janet Heym and her handlers decided to take a shot at me for breaking a major in bitches. I asked her privately for an apology but none was forthcoming. So here you have the President and CEO of Tiffany & Company with utterly no facts upon which to criticize someone yet doing so anyway. And here you have such a person essentially trying to chastise someone with breast cancer. I will have a lot to say to her in person should our paths cross. Perhaps it is enough just to show her lack of character and compassion. Maybe the American Cancer Society will also have something to say about such a miscreant and the company she controls."

Still appalled by her comment, I went to work grooming Gia late Saturday night and early Sunday morning. We were going to the show and going to beat this bitch. When we arrived at the show grounds in Napa, the hag was not there. She didn't show up at all! After making such a big deal about points, she didn't even try to put two points on her bitch.

Well, thanks to the help of Jeff Heim in handling Gia, Gia took Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex. Where were the cry babies from NCNC? Where was Janet Heym and the other NCNC witches? They, by their absence at the show and no apparent good reason therefor, took a point away from Gia and apparently gave up hope of beating her. You need at least two three-point majors and a combination of points to equal fifteen in order to obtain a championship. Why would the NCNC criticize us, however unconscionably, yet not afford others in the same class the chance of obtaining the two points available on Sunday?

What can you say other than that Janet Heym (and her cohorts like Lynne Baker) are just goddam cowards and hypocrites. When the kitchen got hot, they ran away and hid in classic NCNC style. And contrary to popular myth, no one contacted us and asked whether we had entered the show and would be there on Saturday, nor did we know anyone else who had entered. Exactly why you do not find out who is entered until you get there and have a catalogue.

May they rot in hell for their unfounded and utterly outrageous criticism. They would not have beaten Gia on Saturday or Sunday. And they knew it!


None of the public records available online name Janet Heym as President or CEO of Tiffany & Co. This woman is far more than a fake. Stay tuned.


JB said...

Congratulations to Gia. Let the witches stew.

Flahaghan The Newfie said...

Incredible. I don't know how you show dogs in the presence of such idiots.

Anonymous said...

Just slug the bitch!!!

Anonymous said...

Horrendous people. Good for you!

OB said...

Tell Janet Heym to go fuck herself!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a C!!!!

Anonymous said...

People like that woman should be publicly flogged.

E said...

Pay no heed to such morons. Congrats to Gia.


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