Friday, May 30, 2008

Bilbo The Lifeguard Newfoundland May Return To The Beach

From, May 30, 2008

"Bilbo, the lifeguard dog, may be allowed to return to the beach after his sacking earlier this month prompted public outcry.

"The seven-year-old Newfoundland, who has been credited with helping save three lives at Sennen Cove in Cornwall, lost his job when the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) decided that his services were no longer required.

"News that the celebrity 14-stone dog was no longer allowed to carry out his beach safety demonstrations sparked petitions and campaigns all over the country to see Bilbo return to work.

"Steve Jamieson, Bilbo's owner, said: 'At the moment they're still in discussions but they've said it looks likely that Bilbo will be allowed back.
I'm delighted because there were so many people who were really upset. Bilbo's popularity is absolutely huge.'

"He added: 'The public pressure has been beyond anything I'd ever expected. People got so enraged by the whole thing that it all came to light. People were phoning me from all over the country. I'm tremendously grateful for all the support from the public. It just reinforced everything that we already thought was good about the work Bilbo does.'

"Jim McKenna, chief executive of Penwith District Council, said: 'We had a very constructive meeting on Friday and we hope to issue a joint press release next week.'

"A spokesperson for the RNLI said: 'We are entering into discussions with Penwith District Council to see if we can work towards a long-term solution.'

"Several petitions have been organised, and Bilbo's banishment from the beach has touched the hearts of locals and tourists alike.

"Maria Boyle, who heard of Bilbo's story while on holiday from London last week, wants to ensure that even if Bilbo is allowed back onto the beach, he cannot be denied access again. 'I think we need to get him recognised with an official accolade for the good work he does. I want to get him an official ambassadorship of say health and safety in Cornwall.

"Ms Boyle has written to Andrew George MP for advice on how to pursue this, as Bilbo's story continues to attract huge amounts of public support.

"A petition started by Mr Jamieson's daughter, Kate, received 720 signatures in just two days, and a Facebook group named 'Keep Bilbo on the beach' now has almost 2,000 members.

"Bilbo was allowed on Sennen beach on Tuesday during filming for a Channel Five production about extraordinary animals, due to be broadcast at the end of June.

"Mr Jamieson hopes this will again become the norm, rather than the exception."

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We say that the Plonker bureaucrats should be the ones who get sacked. And during their sack time, they should be forced to read their Byron.

Satchie & Andrew


paula1330 said...


Looks like we need your help after asked about a name for the cause may be contact Jmo/s daughter on facebook,anyone backing type (keep bilbo) on the face book website. i would imagine she will give you a name for the cause...Thanks again onecoat X

paula1330 said...

hi onecoatsam,

I hope its ok for you to round everyone up via the e-blog looks like we need your help, i know you will have tons wanting to join anything that helps them. Thanks again buddy. It seems the RNLI> fools have let this silly rule go ahead.X

victoria1140 said...

go for it guys, as an owner of several dogs including a newfie I know how annoying it is when paperpushers get in the way of everything. Bilbo is a shining example of good dogs, not every dog is bad despite peoples perception. am following this story with great interest vicki, malc and the tribe(Merlin,Jessie,Maddy and Beau)

Anonymous said...

The program has just been on five. Impressive that "they" banned him when the shoot must have been planned for months. The whole situation stinks of Britain's mad petty beaurocrats - the RNLI and Council could not even on agree on which of them was to blame and were trooping out mad excuses. Back Bilbo I say.

-KevinR, Essex