Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Satchel

With his smile as sweet as a warm wind in summer
He's got me flying like a bird in a bright June sky
And then just when he thinks that I've got his number
He brings me down to the ground with his wintry eyes
That's my Satchie
He can be all four seasons in one day.

And when the night time comes with no interference
To our warm summer love with all its charms
But like a thoroughbred horse he can turn on a sixpence
And I find that I'm back in Mister Winter's arms
That's my Satchie
He can be all four seasons in one day.

How will I know?
How can I tell?
Which side of the bed he takes when the day begins?
He can be kind
He can be cruel
He's got me guessing like a game show fool

He can change his mind like he changes his bibs
From one minute to the next it's hard to tell
He blows hot and cold just like stormy weather
He's my gift from the Lord or a fiend from hell
That's my Satchie
He can be all four seasons in one day.

Watching the weatherman's been no good at all
Winter, spring, summer, I'm bound for a fall
There are no long term predictions for my Satchie
He can be all four seasons in one day.

If it's a sunny day I take my umbrella
Just in case his raindrops start to fall
You could say that I'm just a cautious fellow
I don't want to be caught in a sudden squall
That's my Satchie
He can be all four seasons in one day.

That's my Satchie
And I wouldn't have him any other way.


Gizmosav said...

Happy Birthday Satch!!
Can't wait for you to try out one of our seasons!!!

Have a great day you are the best!!
Love Your buddies,
Giz & Co.

Flahaghan the Newfie said...

Happy Birthday, Satch!

We love you!

Flanaghan the Newfie

Hummer said...

Happy Birthday Satchel!! The reason you are so complex is that you are a GEMINI, your element is AIR, and you have the sign of the TWINS. We celebrate your uniqueness and leadership! I hope your day is special!

With love,
Your LEO buddy, Hummer!!

Anonymous said...

I am still amazed how absolutely amazing your dogs are. What an absolute credit to you. makes me proud to have one and hope she grows up to be as lovely. As a proud mum i feel she will XXX

J.B. said...

Hi Satchel -

I hope you're having a wonderful birthday. We miss you at the beach and hope your show career ends quickly and successfully.

Your buddy,


Chai said...

I hope you daddy gave you a steak!

Ziggy & Bev said...

We love the pictures of you and Big Jack. I know you wish he were here to celebrate with you. Happy birthday Satch!

Ziggy & Bev

Churchill said...

Happy birthday, beautiful boy.
See you soon.

Tony said...

Primavera terranova!


Elmo said...

Satchie -

A belated happy birthday.
Looking great!

paula1330 said...

each time i see your Dogs i get the strongest urge to hug them, they are absolutely adorable, my Dear Ellie today has eaten a rather large hole in my dinning room wall. Why oh why doesn't she make me mad, she gets away with murder but i would love to know when she will grow out of it?????? any helpful tips ?