Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gizmo Came To Town

It seems like an eternity that we've known our buddy Gizmo.

Well, he came to town last week and what a time we had!

We went out and played, went out for some meals, got some really cool stuff from his really cool parents, and took him up to the kennels to meet the other Karazans.

'Drew and I were kinda shocked because we had Newfie joy without any of the show stuff and we didn't even get refurbished up at the kennels. Hooray!!!!! I don't even mind going out into the fields as long as no refurbishment is involved. And, we got to see Paris, Gaia, and the other Karazan champs.

Gizzy got a bath (poor boy -- the only downside of his trip) and a trimming from Mrs. P, and boy did he look beautiful. He's huge, about 175 pounds, and has Black & White Army markings just like me (sorry 'Drew).

Then, on his way back home, he won MVP of the hotel -- Most Valuable Pet.

Well, now that we've met Gizmo in person, it's easy to see why he is an MVP.
And when the snow comes to Canada, we're going up to visit him.
He has a show this weekend up in Canada and if fairness is the criteria, he will win paws down!

We already miss him and his parents; they've been our best friends for some time now and we'll just have to pass the time doing the Internet thing until we're back together.

"All the virtues of Man without his vices". That's our buddy, Gizmo.


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Gizmosav said...

Awe Geeze thanks Satch!!! You guys are the greatest, and I had a really good time hanging out with your dad while mom and dad went and played!! I feel pretty special with my new collar and leash, they are so cool...
Thanks so much for the hospitality,
Can't wait to see you again!
Your Best Buddy Giz
I just want to know why I got refurbished and you guys got to hang outside...