Sunday, August 31, 2008

Congratulations Karazan Music of the Night

Well, 'Drew has endured his adventure with Screetch rum to such an extent that he's been awarded a certificate of distinction by the purveyors of this fine ale. He took Best in Breed and Group Rum.

He's even back on his feet and free of hangover, but remains the clumsy doofus who I love so much.

As for me, I got bitten inside my mouth by a Doberman yesterday and had to endure three stiches. Those buggers still scare me from "The Omen". I think I need a drink!


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Gizmosav said...

k Drew I really gotta know...did you?...did you??...Kiss the Cod!!!!

A Screech-In is a ceremony where non-Newfoundlanders or “come-from-aways” are inducted into Newfoundland culture by downing a shot of Screech rum, repeating some phrases in a Newfie dialect and kissing a cod. At the end of it all, visitors get a certificate that names them as honourary Newfoundlanders and members of the Royal Order of Screechers.

That must have put hair on your chest!!!!