Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Debunking Common Myths

Phew. 'Drew and I just read an article from entitled "Very Creative Ideas of How to Spoil Your Dog". Now, it's not that we don't like the site or that they don't offer helpful tips from time to time, but this one must immediately be tossed into the deep blue sea (from which I shall never retrieve it - but that's a whole other subject).

We feel compelled to reprint the article so that other canines do not allow themselves to be so incredulously shortchanged.

* * * * * * * *

"We all love to be pampered... and our pets are no different. So how do you make your dog feel special and appreciated?
"Well, there is almost an infinite number of ways. I know this because over the last few months many of you -- my loyal Petplace readers - have sent in some very creative ideas of how you spoil your dog. Our team has started compiling these ideas and have posted a few of them on the site.
"Here are a few examples:

"1. A Little Back Scrachin' - From: Sherry H.

"My peekapoo loves sitting on my lap in the evening and have his back scratched. This seems to make him happy and satisfied. When he's ready to get down and chew his bone, he does."

["Back scratched"? That's it? No way. Full and complete body massage or don't bother. Starting off with a complete scratching is one thing, but only the beginning. Deep tissue massage for me; I trust you feel the same way. We pity "Sherry H's" poor loyal companion.]

"2. I Talk to My Dog - From: Dottie

"Every night before bed just like you would with your kids I talk with my dog. I call her and tell her it is mommy and me time I know she laughs when I talk silly to her.. . ."

[The very last thing I want after a long day of hearing "sit, "stay", "no", "no Satchie", "Satchel, I said no", "that's it, we're going home", "you're lucky I'm feeding you tonight" - just a few examples) is a bleeding talk with the Plonker. Just give me my dinner, my treats, and leave me be.]

"3. A Daily Hug - From: Hunter's Mommy, from NH

"My dog is very happy because each and every morning when he gets up he gets a big hug from me and then I lay him on the bed on his back and he gets a massage of his shoulders, lets and tummy of course and then he rolls over and I massage his back and neck. I do this every morning and then he gets a big hug and he hugs me back."

[Now here is a woman who has it partially correct. Of course, she misses the feeding (steak is nice), and I could do without the hug and instead receive more massage, but on the whole, not a complete Plonker. By no means hug him back or he will think you are satisfied!]

We need to keep ourselves apprised of some of the nonsense on the internet and under no cirumstance allow our caregivers to think they know what is good for us when we are perfectly capable of expressing what we need and how wrong they usually get it.



Flanaghan the Newfie said...

You tell them Satch.

Gizmosav said...

I totally agree with the body massage Satch!!
Well said!

JB said...

Yeah, a scratching only hits the surface.