Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Puppy" and the Bee

As only he is capable of doing, 'Drew got stung by a bee today in his big lip, which now looks like Mt. Olympus. Whether it's tripping over his own feet or laying down in mud, "Puppy" has an uncanny ability to be a doofus. That he is sweet as honey may explain the attraction.

So off we went to the emergency room, exactly where I never want to bee (he he), and they gave him a shot and gave Dad some instructions and charged an arm and a leg (how do they get away with this pay-first-treat-later-ripoff?) and now we're back home and Mr. Calamity is getting ice applied to his jowels. I think he did this to get all the attention. Sigh!

Anyway, we found some helpful advice on dogs and bee stings at and thought we'd pass it along.

"Some dogs are allergic to bees and need immediate attention!
If your dog gets stung by a bee, here are some suggestions on what to do:

1. Possible allergic reaction - get veterinary help immediately.
Seek veterinary help immediately if you dog exhibits any of the following symptoms:
- has difficulty breathing
- has difficulty swallowing
- exhibits hyperactivity such as excessive barking possibly followed by fainting. Bee sting reactions can sometimes mimic seizures.
- swelling spreads beyond the sting area

2. No allergic reaction

- Remove the stinger. Scrape the visible portion with a card, fingernail or other thin and rigid object. Pulling on the stinger could cause it to break or even push more venom into the skin.
- If you cannot reach the stinger, leave it as it should eventually be shed.
- Place some meat tenderizer into a bowl with a small amount of water and mix it into a paste. Apply this to neutralize the venom which will help relieve pain and swelling. Keep it on for at least 30 minutes. You may have to wrap gauze or cloth around the area to prevent licking. Afterwards, you can simply rinse it off.
- Alternatively, you can place an ice cube on the site for a few minutes to relieve the pain.
If your dog does not exhibit additional symptoms from the sting then all you need to do is avoid letting him run through flower beds. Flowering ground covers such as Vinca can also attract bees and may lead to stings."

This calls to mind my feelings on the subject of such varmits:

"Summer" A Poem

"Oh! Summer's Day!
A day so hot that the fleas on my stomach
are sweating.
...(Excuse me one second.)
...(Please forgive me. Where was I?)
Alone. Adrift in this bleak living hell.
An olive-sized tick on the back of my...
...(Uh Oh. Excuse me.)
(Pardon me again. I'm sorry)
My empty dish mocks me.
Will the folks with the food never come home?
Flies buzz in my brain now. My mouth full of gravel.
I search for...
ah...the hell with it."



Gizmosav said...

Awww Satchie, poor puppy!!...
Bee stings are terrible, they send my mom to the hospital too.
You take care of him, and give him a big hug from us.

Satch & Drool said...

Thanks buddy!

Bee Sting Cure said...

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JB said...

Andrew -

I hope Scoldy is being nice to you.


Anonymous said...

handsome boy