Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Is That Gizmo?"

Is there possibly anything worse than going to a dog show and not showing?
Well, someone missed the deadline for the show this weekend, but still took me, while 'Drew got to stay home, watch Animal Planet, and drink some Screech.

But amidst the horror, we met a very nice young lady who came up and asked, "Is that Gizmo" We asked, "How do you know Gizzy?" She replied, "I watch him on YouTube all the time; I just love him!" We told her we understood, and then she recognized me. So today proved to us that Gizzy is an international star. It also reaffirmed (at least for one day) that humans are not all that bad. (Of course, we ran into some real Plonkers at the show - they know who they are.) Anyway, can you pick out me from The Giz? We spotted Newfies must stick together and try to turn the tide of centuries of discrimination! Our spots are marks of grandure. Black & White Army!

Anyway, after the show we had some great fun and went out for lunch with Aunt Claire (and Phoebe), Aunt Terri and Uncle Dave (with Sophie and Que Bella Ragazza), Aunt Susan (with Bruin), and Aunt Elizabeth (who only remains Newfieless for one more day). So all in all, a great time.

Hey 'Drew, I miss you; we'll be back together tomorrow. Save some Screech for me.



Gizmosav said... I am at a loss for cow!!!

too Cool
Thanks Satchie

I'll have to practice my autograph..after my nap that is...
Hornby pooped me out!!!

CDS said...

You looked beautiful and hope you make the entry for the Roseville show (by 12 noon on WEDNESDAY Sept 17). We needed bibs for the public who were drooling all over you this weekend!! Thanks for a great weekend Satchel, Andrew, and Satchel's Dad!

Auntie Claire, Hummer, and Phoebe!