Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lewis & Clark College Honors the Newfoundland


"On Tuesday, April 22, 2008, the Lewis & Clark College Department of Physical Education and Athletics unveilied their new athletics logo. For the new Lewis & Clark athletics logo, the Pioneers were looking for something, a rendering that elicited emotion from the audience, and that was 'sporty', — something that was active, proud, and suggestive of victory. After finding no pictoral representations of a literal 'Pioneer' that those adjectives would fit, the brainstorming turned in the direction of 'Lewis & Clark'. One of the more overlooked members of the Lewis & Clark expedition was a dog, a Newfoundland. This breed embodies all the qualities we were looking for in an athletics mark. Newfoundlands are strong, heroic, loyal, proud, dignified, courageous, happy, and fun. With this in mind, graphic artist Jim Ward developed the new mark for Pioneer Athletics. 'Pio', the name of our dog, ushers in a new era for Pioneer Athletics.

"Please check out this site, with historical background on the Newfoundland member of the Corps of Discovery, information on designer Jim Ward, a look at the Pioneer logos throughout the ages, and a glance at the derivations of the new mark and it's various usages."

Here's a college that understands what higher education is all about!
Honor Drool to all of them from me, 'Drew, and The Giz.


Flanaghan the Newfie said...

But how come they don't call them "The Newfs"?

Flanaghan the Newfie

Clyde (a Newfie Too) said...

Exactly, the College of Higher Newfification.

Gizmosav said...
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Gizmosav said...

Hey Satch,
I always thought we would make a great logo. Finally someone was with it!!


NewfD90 said...

Most excellent!