Friday, September 26, 2008

Lonely Are The Brave

Yes, another day, another rescue.

As has been written, "[e]ssentially the Newfoundland dog is as much at home in the water as on dry land. Canine literature gives us stories of brave Newfoundlands which have rescued men and women from watery graves; stories of shipwrecks made less terrible by dogs which carried life lines to stricken vessels; of children who have fallen into deep water and have been brought safely ashore by Newfoundlands; and of dogs whose work was less spectacular but equally valuable as they helped their fishermen owners with their heavy nets and performed other tasks necessary to their occupations."

And when I'm not saving lives (ahem), I love to kick back, put on my slippers, and enjoy a Screech or two after a nice drive in the country.


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Gizmosav said...

So Drew has you into the Screech too hey Satch!! careful that stuff is wicked!!....