Saturday, November 17, 2007

Karazan Newfoundland Pups At Six Days

Well, first things first: Dad takes us up to the kennels (ugh), and then we go through hours of refurbishing (and there ain't even a show), and then he spends all this time gushing over all the other Newfies.

Hello, Andrew and I are right here in front of you, dude!!!!!

Then he expects me to eat my dinner -- furrgettit about it, I'm in protest mode (but Andrew never passes up a meal, or two).

But the good news is that the pups, at 6 days, are all healthy and big, about twice as big as just a couple of days ago. Momma Roxy is being very loving and patient with them, and it's still incredible that they will go from this size to a hundred pounds or more within the next year.

Whomever gets them will be lucky and happy --- neither of which state I can say I currently find myself in.



Gizmosav said...

Oh Satch,
Don't you feel way better after a good refurbishing! I pretend not to like it, but when its all over I feel great.
Those puppies are sooo cute! I know mom would love a brother for me. I'm still not convinced.

Anonymous said...

Poor Satchel --

Are you going to get another brother?


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