Monday, November 12, 2007

Wanted, New Owner

Well, I've decided to put myself up for adoption.

The new place is just one floor, and the old place was 4 floors (let's forget that I don't like stairs so I never used the other 3).

Second, we did almost nothing over the last 4 days other than watch him unpack and refurbish the new place. Oh, he was kind enough to take us to a caffe so we could lay around while he drank coffee. It's inhumane!!

Third, while the deck is plenty big enough for me and 'Drew, it's not as big as the old deck. I won't even check out the rest of the place because there are boxes everywhere and I don't smell any treats -- I don't even get any treats because my hunger strike precludes treats, so he says.

Then, finally, yesterday, he takes us out. Not to the beach, because some idiots (Coast Guard, GGNRA, usual suspects, etc.) allowed a tanker to bonk into the Bay Bridge (nice driving) and spill 58,000 gallons of oil into the Bay, so all the beaches are closed off. Let's see: the Coast Guard tells the captain of the tanker he's on the wrong course, and the captain says his instruments tell him he's on the correct course, and he's using instruments because it's too foggy to see??? Maybe if it's that foggy, the idiots shouldn't be in the Bay!! And Lyin Brian ("Hazelwoood") O'Neill (reigning GGNRA despot) did nothing to prevent the oil from seeping onto my precious tidelands. Dumb and arrogant do not make for a good combination. Then you have Mayor Newsom-Getty and Senator FeinBlum saying, "this should never be allowed to occur again in the future." Uh, in contrast to happening again in the past? Pathetic!

So we end up going to some new place yesterday only to get rained on and he won't let us play in the mud because of something about our coats. Almost makes me wish he had entered us in the show in Napa. Congratulations to young Karazan Hans Solos for doing so well. He's a cute guy.

Anyway, to sum up, no food, no beach, no big deck, no treats, and meager play in the rain.

Yeah, I'm up for adoption and I'd like 'Drew to come with me if only I could convince him how bad the circumstances are, but he just stands there wagging his tail. Pshaw!



Gizmosav said...

Ohhhh Satchie,
Be careful buddy, you'll get used to it! Just give it a few more days. I checked with mom and she said no problem if you need to get away for awhile. Its been real stormy here too Satch, I only had one walk today..Now thats inhumane!
Take Care Satch, hugs to Drew!

Anonymous said...

Hey Satch,

You're a water dog!

Love, Augie & Company