Thursday, November 22, 2007

Without A Newf -- A Brand-Newf Song

Today's a day of giving thanks and there are just too many people to thank so we want to say to all our family and friends that we love you and hope you have a wonderful day -- everyday.

Most of all, we want to thank Mrs. P, for giving Big Jack to Dad when others would not, and for giving us Andrew when Jack went to the Big Sea. We love you Mrs. P.!!!

And now for another piece of work, we offer another variation on a theme:

* * * * * * * * * *

Without A Newf

Without a Newf, the day would never end.
Without a Newf the road would never bend.
When things go wrong, a man ain't got a friend
Without a Newf.

That field of corn would never see a plow.
That field of corn would be deserted now.
A man is born, but he's no good no-how
Without a Newf.

I got my troubles and woe,
but sure as I know that joy in will roll
I'll get along as long as a Newf is strong in my soul

I'll never know what makes the rain to fall
I'll never know what makes the grass so tall
I only know there ain't no love at all
Without a Newf!!

* * * * * * *

(If we don't say so ourselves)

All rights (not liabilities) reserved,

Satch And Drool, LLC


Gizmosav said...

Hi Satch,
Happy Thanksgiving to you! Hope you got to gobble up your favorite goodies.
You are so right about "Without a Newf"
Happy Turkey day to Andrew and your dad too.
Take care buddy

Anonymous said...

Hey Satch --

I've heard that tune before, but not with the Newf lyrics. Do you have an attorney?


Cub the Newf said...

Hi Satch!

I have to agree, I can't imagine life could be any good "without a Newf". I am in my new home and I can't imagine how these 2lggds got by before I came a long. They must have been Newf-love deprived.

My mom changed my name and moved my blog. She must think I'm in some sort of Newfness protection program. My new blogspot is here: My Life as a Newf. Hope you come see me there.