Friday, November 9, 2007

Moving, I Doth Protest

Well, it's been a doggone hard couple of days.

Ya see, we moved. Only about a block, but we still moved.
Less space for more money -- pathetic!!!

Now I still have a deck, but I'm protesting because it's not my old deck where I grew up. I miss it. Poor Andrew just has no clue. He keeps looking at me with that Scoobie face as if I should know the answer to this dilemma.

So in protest, not only am I not looking at the camera, but I'm on a hunger strike. Dad can shove the salmon down my throat in the morning but I ain't eatin no vittles at night until . . . . we'll unitl I feel like it. And you can bet that if he takes us up to a dog show in Napa on Sunday (and we're not even entered), I'll go into some kinda tree-sittin protest.

Okay, back to the new deck. It's just not the same. Now if he tells me (again) that anxious dogs (and people) are those who demand certainty in an uncertain world, I may get very Un-Newficious and bite him. (Maybe he tastes like chicken!!)



Bubba Gump the Newf said...

Oh Satch! Ya moved? Only a block? And now you're on a hunger strike? OMD, if moving a block is that hard to take, how will I manage moving halfway across the country, with a new 2lggd mom no less? My 2lggd mom, Becky, tells me that in seven days I will leave my home to start my new life (My Life as a Newf, Act III). Will I go on a hunger strike AND go catatonic (oops, I meant dogatonic). I'm new to newf-blogging, and you are older and wiser than me, so I hope you can give me some tips on how to cope!


Hi Steve, it's me, Kathy, in NC. Next week I'm going to pick up Bubba in Wisconsin and drive him back here to NC to live with us. I'm sure Bubs will be fine, but he knows somethings up.

onecoatsam said...

Hi Kathy --

Send us some pictures, would you?

Thanks and good luck with the move!

Gizmosav said...

Hey Satchie,
Home is where you make it bud!! As long as your altogether. Think of it as a new adventure.
Can't blame you on the hunger strike, I always protest my dinners, it drives mom and dad crazy.
Take care buddy, send me your new address please.

Anonymous said...

Satch --

You need a good negotiator in your family!