Friday, November 30, 2007

Karazan Gaia: Newfoundland Breed Standard Plus

Here is the Newfoundland Breed Standard.
The pictures are of Karazan Gaia, a Breed Standard Plus.
Mind you, this Big Boy is 7 (top picture) and looks and acts like a pup.
Everything about him screams "Breed Standard".

General Appearance
"The Newfoundland is a sweet-dispositioned dog that acts neither dull nor ill-tempered. He is a devoted companion. A multipurpose dog, at home on land and in water, the Newfoundland is capable of draft work and possesses natural lifesaving abilities. The Newfoundland is a large, heavily coated, well balanced dog that is deep-bodied, heavily boned, muscular, and strong. A good specimen of the breed has dignity and proud head carriage. The following description is that of the ideal Newfoundland. Any deviation from this ideal is to be penalized to the extent of the deviation. Structural and movement faults common to all working dogs are as undesirable in the Newfoundland as in any other breed, even though they are not specifically mentioned herein.

Size, Proportion, Substance
Average height for adult dogs is 28 inches, for adult bitches, 26 inches. Approximate weight of adult dogs ranges from 130 to 150 pounds, adult bitches from 100 to 120 pounds. The dog's appearance is more massive throughout than the bitch's. Large size is desirable, but never at the expense of balance, structure, and correct gait. The Newfoundland is slightly longer than tall when measured from the point of shoulder to point of buttocks and from withers to ground. He is a dog of considerable substance which is determined by spring of rib, strong muscle, and heavy bone.

The head is massive, with a broad skull, slightly arched crown, and strongly developed occipital bone. Cheeks are well developed. Eyes are dark brown. (Browns and Grays may have lighter eyes and should be penalized only to the extent that color affects expression.) They are relatively small, deep-set, and spaced wide apart. Eyelids fit closely with no inversion. Ears are relatively small and triangular with rounded tips. They are set on the skull level with, or slightly above, the brow and lie close to the head. When the ear is brought forward, it reaches to the inner corner of the eye on the same side. Expression is soft and reflects the characteristics of the breed: benevolence, intelligence, and dignity. Forehead and face are smooth and free of wrinkles. Slope of the stop is moderate but, because of the well developed brow, it may appear abrupt in profile. The muzzle is clean-cut, broad throughout its length, and deep. Depth and length are approximately equal, the length from tip of nose to stop being less than that from stop to occiput. The top of the muzzle is rounded, and the bridge, in profile, is straight or only slightly arched. Teeth meet in a scissors or level bite. Dropped lower incisors, in an otherwise normal bite, are not indicative of a skeletal malocclusion and should be considered only a minor

Neck, Topline, Body
The neck is strong and well set on the shoulders and is long enough for proud head carriage. The back is strong, broad, and muscular and is level from just behind the withers to the croup. The chest is full and deep with the brisket reaching at least down to the elbows. Ribs are well sprung, with the anterior third of the rib cage tapered to allow elbow clearance. The flank is deep. The croup is broad and slopes slightly.
Tail set follows the natural line of the croup. The tail is broad at the base and strong. It has no kinks, and the distal bone reaches to the hock. When the dog is standing relaxed, its tail hangs straight or with a slight curve at the end. When the dog is in motion or excited, the tail is carried out, but it does not curl over the back.

Shoulders are muscular and well laid back. Elbows lie directly below the highest point of the withers. Forelegs are muscular, heavily boned, straight, and parallel to each other, and the elbows point directly to the rear. The distance from elbow to ground equals about half the dog's height. Pasterns are strong and slightly sloping. Feet are proportionate to the body in size, webbed, and cat foot in type. Dewclaws may be removed.

The rear assembly is powerful, muscular, and heavily boned. Viewed from the rear, the legs are straight and parallel. Viewed from the side, the thighs are broad and fairly long. Stifles and hocks are well bent and the line from hock to ground is perpendicular. Hocks are well let down. Hind feet are similar to the front feet. Dewclaws should be removed.

The adult Newfoundland has a flat, water-resistant, double coat that tends to fall back into place when rubbed against the nap. The outer coat is coarse, moderately long, and full, either straight or with a wave. The undercoat is soft and dense, although it is often less dense during the summer months or in warmer climates. Hair on the face and muzzle is short and fine. The backs of the legs are feathered all the way down. The tail is covered with long dense hair. Excess hair may be trimmed for neatness. Whiskers need not be trimmed.

Color is secondary to type, structure, and soundness. Recognized Newfoundland colors are black, brown, gray, and white and black.
Solid Colors--Blacks, Browns, and Grays may appear as solid colors or solid colors with
white at any, some, or all, of the following locations: chin, chest, toes, and tip of tail. Any
amount of white found at these locations is typical and is not penalized
. [Me and Gizmo. Hello judges!!!!] Also typical are a
tinge of bronze on a black or gray coat and lighter furnishings on a brown or gray coat.
Landseer--White base coat with black markings. Typically, the head is solid black, or
black with white on the muzzle, with or without a blaze. There is a separate black saddle
and black on the rump extending onto a white tail.
Markings, on either Solid Colors or Landseers, might deviate considerably from those
described and should be penalized only to the extent of the deviation. Clear white or
white with minimal ticking is preferred. Beauty of markings should be considered only when comparing dogs of otherwise comparable quality and never at the expense of type, structure and soundness.
Disqualifications-- Any colors or combinations of colors not specifically described are disqualified.

The Newfoundland in motion has good reach, strong drive, and gives the impression of effortless power. His gait is smooth and rhythmic, covering the maximum amount of ground with the minimum number of steps. Forelegs and hind legs travel straight forward. As the dog's speed increases, the legs tend toward single tracking. When moving, a slight roll of the skin is characteristic of the breed. Essential to good movement is the balance of correct front and rear assemblies.

Sweetness of temperament is the hallmark of the Newfoundland; this is the most important single characteristic of the breed.

Any colors or combinations of colors not specifically described are disqualified."

[Approved May 8, 1990
Effective June 28, 1990
1990© Newfoundland Club of America, Inc.]

Well, I can't just talk about myself all the time.
Or maybe I can!!!!!


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Andrew -- My Best Friend

It's time to re-introduce my best friend, Andrew.
Sure, we call him "And Drool" but he is the sweetest thing on earth and I thank Dog that he is with us.
Okay, I'll shut up and let the pictures do the talking.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Without A Newf -- A Brand-Newf Song

Today's a day of giving thanks and there are just too many people to thank so we want to say to all our family and friends that we love you and hope you have a wonderful day -- everyday.

Most of all, we want to thank Mrs. P, for giving Big Jack to Dad when others would not, and for giving us Andrew when Jack went to the Big Sea. We love you Mrs. P.!!!

And now for another piece of work, we offer another variation on a theme:

* * * * * * * * * *

Without A Newf

Without a Newf, the day would never end.
Without a Newf the road would never bend.
When things go wrong, a man ain't got a friend
Without a Newf.

That field of corn would never see a plow.
That field of corn would be deserted now.
A man is born, but he's no good no-how
Without a Newf.

I got my troubles and woe,
but sure as I know that joy in will roll
I'll get along as long as a Newf is strong in my soul

I'll never know what makes the rain to fall
I'll never know what makes the grass so tall
I only know there ain't no love at all
Without a Newf!!

* * * * * * *

(If we don't say so ourselves)

All rights (not liabilities) reserved,

Satch And Drool, LLC

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's A Brand Newf Day

An original piece of work by Satch And Drool, LLC

* * * * *

Brand Newf Day

How many of you people out there
Been hurt in some kind of love affair
And how many times do you swear that you'll never love again?

How many lonely, sleepless nights
How many lies, how many fights
And why would you want to put yourself through all that again?

"Love is pain," I hear you say
Love has a cruel and bitter way
Of paying you back for all the faith you ever had in your brain

How could it be that what you need the most
Can leave you feeling just like a ghost?
You never want to feel so sad and lost again

One day you could be looking
Through an old book in rainy weather
You see a picture of her smiling at you
When you were still together
You could be walking down the street
And who should you chance to meet
But that same old smile that you've been thinking of all day

You can turn the clock to zero, honey
I'll sell the stock, we'll spend all the money
We're starting up a Brand Newf day

Turn the clock all the way back
I wonder if she'll take me back
I'm thinking in a Brand Newf way

Turn the clock to zero, sister
You'll never know how much I missed her
Starting up a Brand Newf day

Turn the clock to zero, boss
The river's wide, we'll swim across
Started up a Brand Newf day

It could happen to you - just like it happened to me
There's simply no immunity - there's no guarantee
I say love's such a force - if you find yourself in it
And sometimes no reflection is there

Baby wait a minute, wait a minute
Wait a minute, wait a minute
Wait a minute, wait a minute

Turn the clock to zero, honey
I'll sell the stock, we'll spend all the money
We're starting up a Brand Newf day

Turn the clock to zero, Mac
I'm begging her to take me back
I'm thinking in a Brand Newf way

Turn the clock to zero, boss
The river's wide, we'll swim across
Started up a Brand Newf day

Turn the clock to zero buddy
Don't wanna be no fuddy duddy
Started up a Brand Newf day

I'm the rhythm in your tune
I'm the sun and you're the moon
I'm a bat and you're the cave
You're the beach and I'm the wave
I’m the plow and you’re the land
You're the glove and I'm the hand
I'm the train and you're the station
I'm a flagpole to your nation - yeah

Stand up all you lovers in the world
Stand up and be counted every boy and every girl
Stand up all you lovers in the world
Starting up a Brand Newf day

I'm the present to your future
You're the wound and I’m the suture
You're the magnet to my pole
I'm the devil in your soul
You're the pupil I'm the teacher
You're the church and I'm the preacher
You're the flower I'm the rain
You're the tunnel I'm the train

Stand up all you lovers in the world
Stand up and be counted every boy and every girl
Stand up all you lovers in the world
Starting up a Brand Newf day

You're the crop to my rotation
You're the sum of my equation
I'm the answer to your question
If you follow my suggestion
We can turn this ship around
We'll go up instead of down
You're the pan and I'm the handle
You're the flame and I'm the candle

Stand up all you lovers in the world
Stand up and be counted every boy and every girl
Stand up all you lovers in the world
We're starting up a Brand Newf day.

* * * *

Brand Newf -- you just can't say enou-newf about it.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Karazan Newfoundland Pups At Six Days

Well, first things first: Dad takes us up to the kennels (ugh), and then we go through hours of refurbishing (and there ain't even a show), and then he spends all this time gushing over all the other Newfies.

Hello, Andrew and I are right here in front of you, dude!!!!!

Then he expects me to eat my dinner -- furrgettit about it, I'm in protest mode (but Andrew never passes up a meal, or two).

But the good news is that the pups, at 6 days, are all healthy and big, about twice as big as just a couple of days ago. Momma Roxy is being very loving and patient with them, and it's still incredible that they will go from this size to a hundred pounds or more within the next year.

Whomever gets them will be lucky and happy --- neither of which state I can say I currently find myself in.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Greetings To The New Karazan Newfoundlands

We are proud to say that Ch. Karazan Chester and Ch. Karazan Roxy gave birth to nine bouncing baby boys and girls.

Just look at these little Newflets at one day old.

And here is proud papa Chester (as a youngin), looking like the champ he is (and headed for the hills of Napa at the thought of having to provide for the little monsters).

Yeah, I was that size once -- not for very long.

Funny, but Newfies really don't know how big they (we) are, and when people say, "he looks like a bear", I wonder if they've ever seen a bear. I'm betting not.

Oh well, a day to celebrate the new Karazans. Get some rest, Roxy.

Satchel & Andrew

Monday, November 12, 2007

Wanted, New Owner

Well, I've decided to put myself up for adoption.

The new place is just one floor, and the old place was 4 floors (let's forget that I don't like stairs so I never used the other 3).

Second, we did almost nothing over the last 4 days other than watch him unpack and refurbish the new place. Oh, he was kind enough to take us to a caffe so we could lay around while he drank coffee. It's inhumane!!

Third, while the deck is plenty big enough for me and 'Drew, it's not as big as the old deck. I won't even check out the rest of the place because there are boxes everywhere and I don't smell any treats -- I don't even get any treats because my hunger strike precludes treats, so he says.

Then, finally, yesterday, he takes us out. Not to the beach, because some idiots (Coast Guard, GGNRA, usual suspects, etc.) allowed a tanker to bonk into the Bay Bridge (nice driving) and spill 58,000 gallons of oil into the Bay, so all the beaches are closed off. Let's see: the Coast Guard tells the captain of the tanker he's on the wrong course, and the captain says his instruments tell him he's on the correct course, and he's using instruments because it's too foggy to see??? Maybe if it's that foggy, the idiots shouldn't be in the Bay!! And Lyin Brian ("Hazelwoood") O'Neill (reigning GGNRA despot) did nothing to prevent the oil from seeping onto my precious tidelands. Dumb and arrogant do not make for a good combination. Then you have Mayor Newsom-Getty and Senator FeinBlum saying, "this should never be allowed to occur again in the future." Uh, in contrast to happening again in the past? Pathetic!

So we end up going to some new place yesterday only to get rained on and he won't let us play in the mud because of something about our coats. Almost makes me wish he had entered us in the show in Napa. Congratulations to young Karazan Hans Solos for doing so well. He's a cute guy.

Anyway, to sum up, no food, no beach, no big deck, no treats, and meager play in the rain.

Yeah, I'm up for adoption and I'd like 'Drew to come with me if only I could convince him how bad the circumstances are, but he just stands there wagging his tail. Pshaw!


Friday, November 9, 2007

Moving, I Doth Protest

Well, it's been a doggone hard couple of days.

Ya see, we moved. Only about a block, but we still moved.
Less space for more money -- pathetic!!!

Now I still have a deck, but I'm protesting because it's not my old deck where I grew up. I miss it. Poor Andrew just has no clue. He keeps looking at me with that Scoobie face as if I should know the answer to this dilemma.

So in protest, not only am I not looking at the camera, but I'm on a hunger strike. Dad can shove the salmon down my throat in the morning but I ain't eatin no vittles at night until . . . . we'll unitl I feel like it. And you can bet that if he takes us up to a dog show in Napa on Sunday (and we're not even entered), I'll go into some kinda tree-sittin protest.

Okay, back to the new deck. It's just not the same. Now if he tells me (again) that anxious dogs (and people) are those who demand certainty in an uncertain world, I may get very Un-Newficious and bite him. (Maybe he tastes like chicken!!)


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"Just A Dog"? Reprise For Coco

This is for Coco, who gave all of us unbridled joy.
His parents gave him 16 years of unfettered love and care and he will be dearly missed. We pray you're with your big brother now. Dog bless you.

"Just a Dog"
(by Richard Biby)

"People have said to me from time to time things like 'lighten up,
it's just a dog' or 'that's a lot of money for just a dog.' They
say to me they don't understand the distance traveled, the time
spent, or the costs involved for 'just a dog'. Some of my proudest
moments have come about with 'just a dog. Many hours have passed
and the only company I had was just a dog, but I did not once feel
slighted. Some of my saddest moments have been brought about by
'just a dog, and in those days of darkness, the gentle touch of
'just a dog' gave me comfort and reason to overcome the day.

For those of you who do not understand the whys and wherefores of
'just a dog', then you will probably understand phrases like 'just a
friend', 'just a sunrise', or 'just a promise'.
'Just a dog' brings into my life the very essence of friendship,
trust, and pure unbridled joy. 'Just a dog' brings out in me the
compassion and patience that make me a better person. Because of
'just a dog', I will rise early, take long walks, and look longingly
to the future. So for me and folks like me, it's not 'just a dog'
-- but an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams of the future, the
fond memories of the past, and the pure joy of the moment. 'Just a
dog' brings out what's good in me and diverts my thoughts away from
myself and the worries of the day.

I hope that someday they can understand that it's not 'just a dog'
-- but the thing that gives me humanity and keeps me from being
'just a man'. So, the next time you hear the phrase, 'just a dog',
just smile, because they 'just don't understand'.

Just a thought. "

(Satchel & Andrew)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

An Incredible Tail

Okay kids, get ready for one incredible story.

We meet a very sweet woman up at the Regionals in Dixon last week and she has been kind enough to let us republish her story (a true story) entitled "A Beary Scary Brush With A Beary Scary Bear".

It was experienced and written by Susan Liley.

What her incredible Newfoundland, Truffles (a 130 pound female) did is nothing short of a miracle. This event occurred in September 2000 in Plumas County (California) around 4:30 p.m. amidst 20 acres of wilderness surrounded by a national forest.
These are Susan's words:

"I was galloping ahead of her, as I always do. She is calling to me not to, but I am only a puppy and, well, it's fun to run ahead when I am off leash. Ha! What could possibly hurt me? There are no cars here in the woods, only snow geese, the wild turkeys, and sometimes deer. They all run from me, until she gives me a 'time out' for chasing them. I've walked this dirt road many times before, but wait . . . what's that I am smelling? My keen sense of smell is picking up a stench I've smelled before, but it has never been this strong. (Truffie was smelling the underbrush to the side of the dirt road we'd walked many times.) Does 'she' (my human Susan) know that when I sense danger my body language could serve to warn her? I've only been with her a short 11 months, but 'she' is the hand that feeds me! Does she notice that I've raised the fur along the ridge of my back and at the nape of my neck? 'She' wants me to go to the right. I'll run to the left. Yep, that got her attention. I am sensing we're in real danger now, but she doesn't seem to have a clue. The pads on my paws can feel the vibrations of something heavy coming, running towards us from the direction of the river, but I cannot see it. The stench is getting stronger. Now I see it! Never have I seen anything on four legs as big as this creature. She doesn't know it's running right at her from behind. I need to think fast! (Somehow I know this is when she'd say the SH. . . word if she only knew what was coming at her.) It's much bigger than me, but I cannot let it near her. OK, OK, here goes . . . I'll do what she initially wanted me to do. I'll run to the right and that will get her to turn. She does. Whoa! She sees it; she is yelling at me, 'Truffles, bark! Truffles, bark!' I stop running and creep through the 'Bear Grass' up into the trees turning very quickly to point behind my human, holding my tail parallel to the ground. Surely she'll notice something is wrong!

"She has been teaching me not to bark so I don't bother the neighbors where we live, and I've learned to muffle it. However, I sense something different in her voice. (I'll only bark twice. That should be OK.) Whoa! It didn't like that. By now, this humongous creature is running straight at me!! I'll bark again and go up on my hind legs. I'm over 6 feet tall when I jump up on my back legs. (Truffles being very vulnerable at this point, I could see her soft pink tummy. She is a solid black dog - - my heart sank thinking she was either going to be thrown up into the air, clawed or bitten.) 'Ha, that did it!' I can be very big and scary too!!! The creature is high tailing it down into the creek and across the road up into the trees. (It was obvious the bear realized she was dealing with a very large dog and that usually when she encountered one dog there are others. If there were more, as big as this one, she didn't want to go there!)

"My human seems to be frozen in place. I thought about chasing this humongous creature to make sure it's really gone, but my human is yelling at me, 'to don't do it!' Like she thinks I am going to chase that stinky thing! This time I think I'd better listen to her. Now, she wants me to come to her. Right now! She's no fun, but she's not moving, so I'd better go see what's wrong. I know - - I'll save her so then she'll tell me I did good! (The old water rescue stuff.) Like getting rid of the bear wasn't enough!!!!
"I calmly walk back to my human creeping through the Bear Grass. I am wondering if that creature has anything to do with why this Bear Grass is here? Or, the 8,000 foot mountain nearby being named Grizzly Peak, or this roadbed that my human is frozen into being called Grizzly Bear Road? What in the world is a Bear anyway?

"So I circle on her right and then around to her left leg, sit a hard sit, and look up at her for approval. (Thanks for the water training Rick.) Her body is rigid, but here comes her left hand to pat me on the head. Her voice is very soft, 'Truffles, you did good. Good girl!' She looks straight ahead and then down into my brown eyes, and in a whisper says, 'Let's find Daddy. Truffles, heel, walk slowly.' I am not sure what else I could do. She's got a firm grip (fingernails dug in) on the fur at the back of my neck. We get half way to our sleeping shed in the woods and she tells me to 'stop/sit!' She drops to her knees in the dirt and wraps her arms around my neck and says in a shaky voice, 'Truffie, I love you so much.' 'Truffie you saved us from the bear.' By now I am licking those salty droplets from her cheeks, and then I lose it too, and I'm licking her all over. She doesn't seem to mind this time."

Susan's Note: "Fortunately for Truffie and me, the 300lbs female California Brown Bear had been treed previously by local dogs, so once Truffie barked and the bear realized that Truffie wasn't her cub, then the bear didn't want to have anything to do with her or me. This incident happened in a matter of minutes. (Maybe seconds.) At first, when Truffie left my side, I thought I was dead meat, but then I realized she was luring the bear away from me. It was Truffie who was in trouble. My heart sank, and there was nothing I could do to help her. Her ability to think fast and her instinct to bark and protect humans, saved our lives."


"Once were were safe inside the sleeping shed, Trufie turned to me, licked my face and moaned, 'Newfies rule and bears drool, but don't tell anyone I barked that". This is definitely an example of hundreds of years of human & Newfie companionship. It paid off big time for both Truffles and me. Truffles came to us from Mission Mountain Newfoundlands in Polson, Montana. It wasn't clear to us why we were so willing to drive over 1,000 miles to fetch her as a puppy but it is certainly clear to us now. I thank God everyday for giving me my Newfie Truffles. She's passed the most important test of all -- the human bond test."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

When Susan told us the story in person, we just could not believe it. The bear got to within just a few feet of Susan before Truffles intervened. She saved Susan's life and that is what a Newfie does.

In 2005, the AKC recognized Truffles as one of the TOP 10 companion dogs of the year. As Susan says, "she's 8 now and greying around the muzzle BUT I know she'd do it again if we were in any sort of danger. Newfoundlands ARE really AWESOME -- their love is unconditional."

What more can one say?