Friday, March 20, 2009

Andrew Scores Big Time

Karazan Music of the Night -- Andrew(or "Puppy", "Androol", "AnDrulzelot", "Cookie") scored big today at the Salinas Kennel Club Show. After taking the American Bred Dog class, he went on to take Winner's Dog, then Best of Winners, then Best of Opposite Sex in the BOB competition. He beat his brother, ScoldyBoy, in the Winner's Dog competition, and is enjoying a big steak dinner while Scoldy (who did get Reserve Winner's Dog) is staring at his dry kibble. Justice for Puppy!
(Congrats to Jolie for yet another breed win.)


Gizmosav said...

woohoo Andrew CONGRATULATIONS!!!..way to go buddy, you showed them today!... way to make your dad a proud papa!
Congrats to your bro Satchie too.
Your buddy Gizmo

sjgp98 said...

Hey Andrew,
Congratulations for your multiple wins!!! I know that your dad is very proud, and so is everyone else who follows 'The Adventures of Satchie and Andrew'. I look forward to someday seeing your handsome-ness up close and personal
Good job, buddy.
Gizmo's Aunt Sheila
Thunder and Crickee Cuckoo's Mom
& Boomer Bear's Grandma

sjgp98 said...

It's me again....I just wanted to know if you guys caught any of those wascaly wabbits. He He He.

Anonymous said...

congrats to androol, but I feel bad for Satch.

His dad is going to destroy the poor guys Newf esteem. Dry kibble and being called scoldy while his little brother is treated like a king. No wonder he is scoldy.

Flanaghan the Newfie said...

Way to go Andrew. Poor Satchie.

Your buddy,

Flanaghan the Newfie

The Clyde said...

Congratulations Andrew -- you show your brother who is boss

JB said...

You the Man, Andrew

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Newf.

Anonymous said...

It's a three-point major for him -- nice job.

Suzie said...

Yes, way to go Andrew. Sad Satch.