Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Irish Spotted Newfoundland Society ("ISNS")

The Royal Order of the Irish Spotted Newfoundland Society ("ISNS") is proud to bring you its inaugural video. The ISNS will soon have its own website, and membership is not only free of charge (until we get a few members who we can charge) but open to all Newfies. The ISNS has been formed, in part, in order to ameliorate the centuries of discrimination against these lovely creatures. Any reference to "mismarked" will be met with swift action, legal or otherwise (by some "retired" gentlemen from North Beach). The ISNS has plain-old fun as its main goal, so please do not be put off the any images herein. Satchie is working on the Irish Spotted Hangashore Society but, as yet, it is short on fun-ding.