Friday, March 6, 2009

Nothin' 'Bout Me (Reprise)

Lay my head on the groomer's table
Take my paw-prints if you are able
Check my leash, check my collar
Steal some DNA and come back with a swabber
Run every kind of test from 'A' to 'Z'
And you'll still know nothin' 'bout me.

Run my name through your computer
Mention me in passing to your judge's tutor
Check my records, check my facts
Check if I paid my Newfie tax
Pour over everything in my pedigree
But you'll still know nothin' 'bout me.

You don't need to read no books on my history
I'm a Spotted Newf, it's no big mystery
In the cold weather, I don't need a glove
At times like this, a Scoldy Boy like me needs love.

Search my house with a fine tooth comb
Turn over everything 'cause I won't be home
Set up your microscope, and tell me what you see
Because you'll still know nothin' 'bout me
You'll still know nothin' 'bout me
You'll still know zip a-bout me.
But boy do I love Puppy.

1 comment:

Gizmosav said...

Your right we still don't know everything about you...but we do know one love the water!!!...