Friday, March 27, 2009

Sick Newfoundland Found Abandoned In Woods

"Sick Dog Found Abandoned In Local Woods
Marshal Is In Desperate Need Of Medical Attention"
Updated: Thursday, 26 Mar 2009, 9:01 PM EDT
Published : Thursday, 26 Mar 2009, 8:32 PM EDT

Melissa Sardelli
Reported by: Mike Montecalvo
LINCOLN, R.I. (WPRI) - "A Newfoundland dog in desperate need of medical attention is found abandoned at Lincoln Woods.

"The dog was found Wednesday morning wandering in the park. A lady walking spotted the dog named, Marshal, and called animal control. The 4 to 5 year-old Newfoundland was taken to the animal shelter in Lincoln where he has been ever since.

"The dog has a large tumor on his stomach and a smaller one on his shoulder. On Friday, Marshal will be taken to a vet to determine what kind of treatment is necessary.

"Colleen Llink, an animal control officer says that no one has called to inquire about any dogs dropped off. The SPCA will investigate and try to track down the animals owner who if found could face charges.

"'We just want to make sure that if anyone recognizes the dog, please don't hesitate to call the police, whoever did leave him in this condition to make sure they are prosecuted, there are plenty of rescues out there if you're looking for help, if you need assistance. Please do not dump them in the woods anywhere', says Officer Llink.

"If you would like to help with Marshal's medical expenses call Lincoln Animal Shelter at 401-333-0950 to find out how to donate. If you have any information about who the is owner call Lincoln police at 401-333-8281."

Here is the account by Linda Houle, who found Marshal:

"I found Marshall on that Wednesday morning. I was walking my dogs about 9am when a man approached me to warn me of a large dog up the hill that looked like a bear. He was visibly shaken. I immediately went to see if I could help. Marshall (I called him Newfie) apparently was left to die in the woods. Being an avid animal lover I was not about to let this beautiful, lovable dog die or be alone. I watched him from a distance and when I saw he layed down I ran to bring my dogs home to return and stay with Newfie until help came. His cry could be heard echoing in the trees. I told a few people along the way but they were not interested to help. State Police being called I knew help was on the way. As I returned to the woods I was running up the hill as a park ranger picked me up and we went to Newfie again. I stayed with Newfie til Colleen and assistant came. I truly believed it was over for Newfie. I reinforced to him that he was safe and the angels were on the way. After all I could see he went through I wanted his last words and touch from humans to be of the same unconditional love that he was. He rested his head on me and he was so very thankful... He was trying to reach me to give me a kiss. This fabulous dog has been suffering for a long time. What a relief when I saw that shelter van and I knew Newfie was in great hands. As the girls lovingly loaded him on the soft comforter I exclaimed 'I told you the anglels would come. I love you Newfie.' I am also very grateful to Dr Finnocchio from the RISPCA. He will get to the bottom of this.
Thank you to all who cared so much for Marshall (Newfie) Blessings Linda Houle."

Our prayers are with you, Marshal, and all the Newfies and all the abandoned dogs should be thanking Linda for showing such humanity in the face of such inhumane conduct by Marshal's guardians.



Life is good in Koda's World said...

This absolutely breaks my heart that people can be so wishes to Marshal in hoping that he heals from his wounds and finds a very loving forever family to make up for this harsh situation. God Bless Linda!

Koda's mom

Gizmosav said...

Marshal, an angel found you! All of our prayers are with you in hopes that you will soon be feeling better!!!
Great big newfie hugs to you and your angel!
Gizzy & Co.