Saturday, September 8, 2007

Andrew Has A Girlfriend

Well, it finally happened -- Andrew's fallen in love.
With a 6-month old lab named "Kona".
I've tried to warn him that "ancestor" rhythms with "incestor" to no avail.
Just look at the two of them -- it's disgusting. He's at least twice her age!!!

And, with love has come that fog-headedness that he already had too much of to begin with. Just look at the poor lad laying in the bushes. Ridiculous!!! He won't even watch TV anymore. This kind of puppy love just won't last.

What, me jealous?
No way.
I got babes coming out my big ears.
I even let them drive my personal ride.

Oh well, one day he'll come sulking back (walking, mind you), heartbroken and looking for his buddy. I'll shun him with some guilt then accept him back. The poor boy just needs to learn life's lessons.

Now get me to the beach!!!!!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Too precious.

Your buddy,