Sunday, September 2, 2007

Too Hot To Trot


Just got back from a show in Grass Valley (didn't see either) and dang if it wasn't the hottest place I've ever been (and I don't mean hot in a cool way). One-hundred-and-six degrees yesterday and I'm supposed to run around a bleeding ring like a lunatic. Then they pull on my legs and wonder why I yell -- uh, because it hurts!!! Not gonna say it hurts too much because Dad might take me to the vet and I don't like needles, not even the dang pine needles all over me from the campgrounds. Newfies camping in stove-like temperatures? We're water dogs!!! Okay, at least in theory.

More on the show later but first, huge congratulations to Hummer (he's so big he scares me) on a double major and his CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Ch. Karazan H2 (Hummer)". And big congrats to Momma Claire for bringing out the beauty in that big boy. Il fantastico! On another note, little baby "JJ" left for his new home on Friday. We all miss him already, especially Aunt Heidi. Just look at them. Here's to seeing you soon JJ.

Love to Mr. and Mrs. P for putting up with my whining and 'Drew's unwillingness to stay crated. And many thanks to Terri and Dave for all their help. (Gotta meet that babe 'Bella.)

Andrew and I are hitting the sack: we're hot and tired.

Sleep well Preston & Wesley; and Hummer, enjoy your steak - - well done!




Anonymous said...

That has to be the cutest anything, ever!

Anonymous said...


He looks just like you did when you were just a little wiggler.

BJ & Moe

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful dogs and thoughtful writing.

Anonymous said...


Jane & Morgan